Surprising Benefits of Real-Time Features on Your Mobile App

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Surprising Benefits of Real-Time Features on Your Mobile App

The advancement of technology has significantly transformed the way we communicate. In the past, the exchange of information through texts was relatively calm, with no delivery status updates. However, the emergence of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat has made communication faster and more convenient with real-time features, allowing users to receive instant notifications. As such, app development is now geared towards leveraging the benefits offered by real-time features. This article will explore different ways of using real-time features for mobile app development.

Surprising Benefits of Real-Time Features on Your Mobile App

Real-Time Messaging for Smooth Communication

The popularity of instant messaging apps has grown exponentially, with many offering options for video calls, voice calls, and video messaging. These apps have smart messaging features, and statistics show that they are the most preferred means of communication. In addition, the emergence of chatbots has further increased the convenience of instant messaging, allowing businesses to communicate directly with customers and even automate responses to frequently asked questions.

Smooth communication among users is also essential in many industries, such as the medical field, social media, and dating sites. In business, real-time messaging can offer instant communication between customers and service providers, as in ride-hailing apps like Uber.

Mobile Apps as Connections between Businesses and Users

Real-time chat is an excellent way for businesses to keep in touch with customers and provide personalized answers to their queries. Research shows that customers prefer using real-time chat over other customer support. This feature is especially crucial in e-commerce stores, where customers are more likely to make purchases if a real-time chat platform is available.

Push Notifications for Instant Alerts

Push notifications are essential for web and mobile apps as they provide instant notifications about new services or events. They can also re-engage users who have abandoned an app by sending notifications about new services or features.

Provision of Real-Time Feeds

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide real-time feeds on activities carried out by users, making it easier to keep track of updates. This feature can be incorporated into other apps to keep users engaged.

Incorporating real-time features has transformed mobile app development and made communication faster and more efficient. As such, businesses must consider leveraging these features to keep up with the changing technological landscape.

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