Surprising Benefits of Real-Time Features on Your Mobile App

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Technology has changed things so fast. There was a time we used to communicate through the texts and the only thing you needed to do was to send a text message and wait for your friend to reply after some time. There was nothing at all like the delivery status. This type of communication looked relatively calm. But a few years later came WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and WeChat. All these are used to offer instant messaging services making the exchange of information fast and convenient. The use of real-time features has made communication fast since one can receive instant notifications. App development in Dubai is carried out based on the benefits offered by the mobile application. In this article, we are going to look at the different ways in which the real-time features can be used for mobile app development.

The Role of Offer Real-Time Messaging

People do love instant messaging. There are so many messengers that offer you the option to video call your friend, send video messages and carry out voice calls. All these are convenient and they offer smart messaging options.

Statics also show that the number of people using instant messaging apps has risen over the years implying that they are the most preferred means of communication. This is the reason why there is an emergence of the chatbots on most of the mobile-friendly websites. They can let the customers communicate directly with your business, and they can be automated to respond to the frequently asked questions.

Enable Smooth Communication Among the Users

As compared to the traditional means of communication such as the email or SMS, real-time messaging can help you get a response immediately. It has become a core feature in the medical field, social, and even dating sites. It promotes effective and smooth interactions among the people.

There are also other mobile apps which have great business models, and they offer communication among the customers and the service providers of the company.

Favorite taxi companies such as Uber have integrated instant mobile messaging to help the drivers and the riders to carry out instant messaging.

In the medical field, it is used to offer instant communication between the doctor and the patient. So, it is time you are not left behind.

App — The Connection between Your Business and Users

Real-time chat is one of the best ways of making sure you are keeping contact with the customers. It can help quick and personalized answers to the questions asked by the customers.

Research has shown that most customers prefer using real-time chat as compared to the other means of customer support. It is essential especially in the e-commerce store since most of the customers would prefer purchasing from the store of there is still a real-time chatting platform.

Sometimes back when one required a response from the support, you would have to send an email. However, things have changed so fast, and these days, the thing you need to do is to send a message on the real-time chat platform available on the website.

Other stores such as Shopify offer real-time answers to questions not found on the frequently asked questions. When a customer requests a problem, they will be referred to the frequently asked questions, and if the solution is not there, they will respond to the customer instantly.

The Use of Push Notifications

The use of push notifications has become a necessary feature for the web and mobile applications as they provide instant notification about the occurrence of a certain event or service.

Most people abandon an app after they have used it. This is because they do not find it interesting. The use of push notifications can help you send a notification about a new service by the mobile app, and the user will be curious about it. They will be tempted to use the service.

Provision of Real-Time Feeds

There are mobile apps that update immediately when new content has been published. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give a real-time feed on activities carried out by the users. You can consider the same feature for your app.

The above are some of the standard benefits associated with the real-time features on mobile applications. The incorporation of such elements has transformed mobile app development in Dubai and it is time you consider it for your business.

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Surprising Benefits of Real-Time Features on Your Mobile App