How to Write Subject Lines that Captivate
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Subject Lines that Captivate

One of the worst things about sending an email? It isn’t crafting it or even figuring out the subject line. It’s sending it and hearing radio silence—nothing. Sometimes you’d probably rather get a rejection than hearing nothing.

We get it. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on that particular client. In fact, there’s a real opportunity in that follow-up email if you craft it with some special attention in mind. And you have to spend some time figuring out what works for email, because more and more marketers are using email, either in B2B communications or B2C communications.


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When it comes to thinking about email, you start at the beginning—the subject line. That’s where you really can grab people—or turn them off. The subject line is immediately where you can captivate people, and you need to be specific, direct, and catchy. What else goes into a second email? This graphic explains it.

Subject Lines that Captivate Email Marketing Tips

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You’ve heard of ‘customer experience’ before, but what goes into something as intangible as customer experience? It’s a broad, exhaustive topic, but in sum, you want your customers to have the best interaction possible when they engage with your business. Actually achieving ‘the best customer experience’, however, is much easier said than done. In order to fully comprehend and manage customer experience, it helps to have a complete understanding of your customer and to fully evaluate your customer cycle (sales funnel), both online and offline.

Your customer experience involves interactions with your customer service representatives on the phone and in person. It also includes how users find and interact with your website, their reactions to your email marketing, and what they do on your landing pages. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding customer experience — what it is, how it relates to user experience, and how a company can measure and improve it. To better understand the nuances associated with customer management, let’s first discuss the differences between customer experience and user experience, and how they work together.

Subject Lines that Captivate

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