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Strategies to Engage Your Visitors

For a writer, getting an appreciation email from any reader or client praising an article or piece of content published on a site is the best thing he or she can ask for. However, nothing can beat the happiness of cash dropping in the bank account. Though, this profit is directly important to happy and satisfied customers that is why it is important to keep your visitors happy through your words.

Strategies to Engage Your Visitors

To spread this happiness, it is important to spread those things that the knacks of digital marketing use to engage the visitors with their sites. This turns them into return visitors and at the extreme, making them your frequent buyer or visitor if you are not selling anything. This is something for which you should care more than anything especially having some raw number of visitors just increasing your bounce rate of your website and failing all the efforts of web design company who made this website as user-friendly as possible for better results.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to unveil six of the most creative strategies ever applied by the top rated marketers to build better engagement with the visitors.

1.    Make feedback submission easiest:

If you have ever visited web 2.0 websites, you can find the easiest and quickest thing you can do on your website is to submit your feedback. You will always find the feedback button prominent somewhere on the page and with some enticing call to action. Following are some of the ways through which you can utilize feedback for better engagement.

  • By requesting feedback in an appropriate manner, you can generate the feeling of importance in your visitors. By this, your visitors will always send you a reply which can lead them to turn into the fans of your website.
  • This is the best way of getting insights from the visitors. This will help you in getting the view of the visitors and to know what they really want to see on your website.
  • This could be the first step towards building a healthy relationship with your visitors, and in the end, you will be the one getting more fruits from it.

Get a feedback by making it easy. Instead of putting “mail to” link that opens email client which look messy. Unfortunately, there is not a standard for making feedback easy. However, there are some basic things you can do to make it easy, For example, adding the most common star rating system in the website for the services, products or any other thing you provide. Moreover, instead of leaving a text box for answers, putting some checkbox or options like choose the best answer is a great way of making feedback form easy.

2.    Stay connected!

Another thing which you have to make easy. Try not to be anonymous. Avoid all those boring contact forms which we have already seen on millions of websites. Make it easy and user-friendly by connecting it to many ways. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, email, IM, RSS and any other medium in which you feel comfortable should be added to your contact form. The more options your visitor will find on your website the more chances you have to connect with your customers.

Even after getting the connections, your job doesn’t end here. It is important to make your visitor visit your website again and again. For this, emails that latest browser notification, tagging on social media forums can do wonders. However, you have to be careful while doing this because overdoing can get you lose your visitor forever.

3.    Make your visitor feel smart:

If anyone is visiting your site, he or she is in search of something. This could be an informative thing that makes him land on your website after searching it on the Google. It depends on nature and industry from which your website belongs to. However, there are some standards which are common for every website in marketing. Out of those, one is to make your visitor feel smart.

Again, it depends on the strategy a marketer make to feel his visitors smart. The most common one is the illusion of making things easier to find so the visitor would feel that he is finding your website easier due to his smartness and knowledge instead of masterwork from the web developer.

This gives your visitor a unique impact. Because he feels that he is smart and using this website is the reason of making him feel smart, the visitor would not only visit the site frequently but also share it with other people just due to the tendency which generated by your website’s navigation system. Outcomes could be different, but one thing which is confirmed is that there would be outcomes of it and you will be able to build better engagement with visitors.

4.    Make a playful website

There was a time when internet used to have few websites on different industries which also had some sort of monopoly on the internet. That is why these websites never thought of transformation and by the time died due to their own negligence. However, new features that these websites failed to adopt played a vital role in the deaths of these websites. One of the most prominent features is interactivity.

We are in the prime of the digital age and having some playful features on a website is imperative to have in order to keep the visitor involved and interested in the website. Websites with only texts and few pictures are not going to get you any help instead of eating your hosting. You have to include some tools to play with and aesthetically strong designing which should be pleasing to eyes. Without keeping your website updated with the latest trend, you will never get your desired results.

5.    Web Customization:

Talking about the latest trends, customization is the biggest trend in the digital world right now. Adding a small social media connecting button or allowing the visitor to connect his account to your website with his Facebook profile is the most likable thing for a user. It allows them the convenience of using multiple accounts on different websites through single credentials. This is one example of customization which is solving numerous issues of the visitor. There are more to explore too which can boost engagement with the visitors. And as I mentioned, more engagement can turn into more profits. So investing in making your website customization can get you your money back too.

6.    Never afraid to sell something:

One of the biggest mistakes that newbie makes in this digital world is to compromise their interests in order to get engagement and look human. In the end, these people lose everything and quit digital world with a negative impact on the mind. That is why it is important to set your goals first before jumping into the digital business. One goal which you cannot ignore is the money of which this entire game is. For the money or cash, you have to sell something even if you are only a blogger who runs a blog post. Such type of website can provide his services to SEO for link building purposes, and the blogger could earn though by lending his writing services to different people.

One thing which you should keep in mind is that having a website means you always can sell something. Neglecting this point is not healthy for a website, and you are surely missing a golden opportunity of earning some cash. Without this instinct, you will also not going to get the traffic or visitor which of course leads to zero engagement.

Author Bio:

Mawiya Karam has been working in a logo design company in U.A.E as a senior copywriter. She likes to write for her followers and explain technical topics in a way that her readers can easily understand. Mawiya has also lectured at many seminars concerning copywriting techniques.

Strategies to Engage Your Visitors

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