Strategic Packaging: Revolutionizing Your Game in eCommerce

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What a year we all witnessed. The term ‘unprecedented times’ sounds more like an understatement. A leap in online buying is a no different story. The advent of advanced technologies effectively led the business world towards E-commerce in pre-covid days too.  However, the surge in online shopping behavior in the pandemic has drastically changed the dynamics of E-commerce. This calls for the need for strategic packaging.

An E-commerce Packaging Strategy has become a necessity as more brands have shifted from shelf to E-commerce channels. The move calls for innovation and versatility in packaging to cater to product specification, logistics, and consumers, amongst other considerations. In-store packaging has been revamped for E-commerce needs. Packaging now calls for a greater purpose and should not be confined to ‘preserving’ the product. 

Let’s unbox the factors and trends that determine the packaging needs in today’s era of E-commerce.

Product Compatibility

Though aesthetics plays a vital role, internal brand packaging in compliance with the product’s function and features can’t be ignored. For example, pouches may be trending in packaging, but if the nature of your eye lens solution calls for using the heavy plastic bottle for its preservation, then the latter is the best choice.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Minimal packaging and eco-friendly packaging are the need of the hour. Many consumers think with a practical viewpoint to dispose or re-use the packaging. A packaging that is sustainable yet visually appealing calls for a win-win situation. 

Consumer Expectations

Thanks to online shopping, consumers have now set the benchmark according to their own best experience. They can order custom boxes and much more. This means all the small-scale and major retailers have to compete to meet the elevated standards vigorously. As a result, brands now aim to build a memorable unboxing experience to develop strong customer connections.


A mere personalized message through packaging can create a spell-bound intimate experience with the brand. This includes catering to a specific theme, a tailored message, or addressing any visual appeals that excite the customer compared to the plain shipping box. 


With the changing trends, Companies now face the following challenges:

  •  Keeping abreast with technological changes and designs in packaging
  •  To be ahead in the cut-throat competition, companies are in a dilemma to go for in-house packaging, partner with a co-packer, or outsource.
  •     Demand by consumers for same quantity product to be delivered in smaller cases
  •     Trying to reduce the cost of shipping by lighter and smaller packaging units.
  •     Opting for compression method in packaging assuring the product is not damaged.
  •     Standardization vs. customized packaging

Opting for a reliable Packaging Company can help navigate the needs and challenges of E-commerce packaging and improve customer satisfaction.  

Packaging has evolved as an equally important factor for a product as marketing, distribution, and branding have. It’s the first tangible aspect of a product that a consumer experiences in online shopping. A frustrating experience of flimsy packaging with leakage would mean losing a customer that no company can afford.  The solution lies in adopting an effective E-commerce packaging strategy to boost your business. 

Strategic Packaging: Revolutionizing Your Game in eCommerce

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