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Strategic Marketing 2021

Strategic Marketing USA – The Strategic Marketing 2021 series of events brings together the world’s most influential marketing leaders to address the most pressing trends and challenges, discuss the impact of brands on society, and align with the global change in consumer-brand relationships. Virtual; Oct 12-13, 2021

5 Essential Themes for 2021

  • Executive Strategy & Growth: Marketing finds itself at the center of business strategy with a mission to ground the brand in a new world. Consumer-brand relationships have changed, and so must the marketing function within your organization.
  • Brand Marketing: Your brand is the most powerful tool you have to connect with your audience. Refine your core values, move beyond marketing, and create real communities passionate about impacting the world.
  • Data Analytics & Customer Insights: With over-saturated digital channels, volatile purchasing behavior, and ever-changing customer expectations, brands need to track touchpoints throughout the entire customer life-cycle to unlock the most impactful personalized experiences.
  • Content & Creative: Cut through the noise with empathetic, solution-focused content that genuinely adds value. Create a deep human connection with stories that engage on an emotional level and are grounded in purpose. Consumers have never wanted to connect with brands more than they do today – be there when they need you most.
  • Social Media & Influencers: The social sphere is becoming the one-stop-shop for human interaction and e-commerce. Explore new channels and content styles, measure incrementality, redefine your influencer strategy to meet new regulations, and restructure your social team to meet unique business needs.

Setting the Agenda for Marketing Teams Globally

There has been a macro shift in consumer-brand relationships.

And consumers have never wanted to connect with brands more than they do today.

Brands are now ingrained in the culture, and because of that, organizations have a responsibility to that culture in a more profound way than ever before. So not only do our customers want us to engage in the societal issues they care about, they are demanding it, and this has only accelerated throughout 2021.

Your ability to align your marketing with your customer’s values will be a crucial differentiator in 2022.

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2021 brings together the world’s most influential CMOs and marketing leaders to discuss the impact of brands on society, leverage new digital touchpoints, and unleash the opportunities that come with this shift in consumer-brand relationships.

This year, we’ve opened the Strategic Marketing flagship event to the global marketing community with free access to all live sessions, interactive Q&A and polling, the virtual expo, discussion boards, and roundtables for marketing professionals.

Strategic Marketing 2021

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