Startup Marketing Techniques to Double Your Sales
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Startup Marketing Techniques to Double Your Sales

Startup Marketing: 6 Tips & Techniques That Can Double Your Sales Today

Startups face very many challenges when setting up their businesses. Establishing a brand in a cluttered market space can be a daunting task. You have to rise above the competition while looking for clients. 

Research shows that up to 90% of small businesses will close shop. The biggest challenge for many of them is financing. Yet, marketing remains a critical component for generating awareness.

The good news is, some avenues are cost-effective and easy to use. Our article will share 6 startup marketing tips that can double sales today.

1. It Starts With A Good Website

Marketing for startups starts with having a digital presence. A website is a critical component for any organization. Consider it an investment to hire a good web designer. You want to ensure the following when designing your website.

  • It should be easy to navigate and responsive.
  • Take the necessary steps to optimize for search engines. You will need good rankings to be visible in the cluttered digital space.
  • Ensure fast loading pages for a good UX.
  • Mobile optimization is also crucial. A good web designer starts with a fast mobile approach. You may lose 50% of your online visitors with a bad mobile UX.
  • You get the best advice on the right web hosting provider. You want to ensure that the website is always up and running. It should be able to handle any amount of traffic due to enough bandwidth. 24/7 customer support is also critical so that you do not experience any downtime.

Do note; Google will penalize any website that does not provide a good user experience. Poor rankings for a startup company will have long-term effects.

2. Place Your Business In Local Business Listings

Start doubling your sales by targeting customers within your geographical location. Local business listings are excellent for Local SEO. Anytime someone searches for a business such as yours, they will find you easily. 

Enlist your business on platforms like Yelp, Apple Maps, and Bing. Google my business is another powerful platform. Such listings are inexpensive, while some are free. Yet, they are very efficient in your brand-building initiatives.

3. Create Excellent Content On Your Website 

In setting up the business, you did your market research. You know where there are gaps and what your customers need. Become the go-to source for information with great content on your website.

It must be relevant and factual. It is a fantastic way to build organic audiences. It helps increase the chances of conversions. Optimize for search engines with the right keywords. 

4. Take Advantage of  PR and CSR Opportunities

PR opportunities provide a cost-effective, easy way to create awareness. Start by building relationships with the media and influential bloggers. 

Provide relevant, newsworthy content through editorial, press releases, and photo releases. Sign up to platforms like help a reporter out (HARO). 

Reporters are always looking for trustworthy information sources. You end up on authority sites and can position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Industry events like trade shows, exhibitions, and speaker opportunities are also excellent. People start to know your company when you take part in such activities.

CSR opportunities are another cost-effective way of building your company profile. The community will be willing to give you support if they see that you care about them. You do not even need to spend a lot of money if the budget does not allow it. 

Mobilize staff members for community cleanups. Plant trees or beautify public areas. Provide mentorship opportunities for students within the locality. Take plenty of photographs and post them on your website. 

Some recipients of your support can also post you on their websites. 

5. Social Media Is Still Key

The advantage of social media is you have a lot of leeway with what you can do. You have the choice of many platforms and broad access to audiences. You will reap great benefits if you do it well. 

Determine which platforms your audiences use. There is no point in being on all the platforms if you do not talk to a specific target group. You will also not be able to keep up with the posting. 

Developing content continues to challenge many marketing managers. They struggle to maintain consistency, and before long, the posts start to dwindle off.

User-generated content provides an opportunity for better engagement and interaction. Join relevant networking groups. Work on establishing a presence as an authority. Remember to link your website to the platforms so that you get traffic to it. 

Put aside some money to boost some of the posts. You will also find other cost-effective advertising opportunities within.

Engage with the audience. Encourage followers to share, retweet, comment, and subscribe. It is a chance to put a human face to your organization.

6. Email Marketing Continues To Dominate

Some marketers wonder whether email marketing is efficient. The only reason why they ask is that what they’re doing is not working. Email Marketing is not as simple as crafting one and sending it to everyone. You must understand the target group very well. The next step is audience segmentation. 

Let’s say you sell baby products. It helps to understand the different groups within the entire customer base. Some may be first-time parents. Anything that can help them transition into the parenting role will be welcome. Others may have an infant and would like information specific to newborns. Some may be looking for toddler items, and so on. 

With segmenting, you can target your message better. Another mistake is bombarding your audiences with emails. Eventually, they get tired and send them straight to junk mail. Schedule the email and ensure you maintain consistency. 

Have catchy headlines that are relevant to the target. It helps increase the open rate, resulting in higher conversions.

Final Thoughts

Marketing for startups does not have to drain your resources. Please take advantage of the cost-effective options we have highlighted above. You will end up doubling your sales today. You get a chance to increase brand awareness with easy-to-apply tips and tricks. 

Know your audiences well so that you can use platforms where they are likely to be. It helps with crafting messaging, resulting in greater interaction with the content.

Startup Marketing Techniques to Double Your Sales

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