Startup Life in San Francisco Startup Ecosystem

Whether you are a member of the gig economy with the freedom to explore or a recent transplant – we will help you explore the San Francisco Startup Ecosystem. From co-working spaces to startup programs to local regulations, we help startups do business in SF.



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Startup Life in San Francisco Startup Ecosystem

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Given most startups’ resources and time constraints, entrepreneurs in this environment continually seek ways to complete critical business functions more efficiently. In most cases, these functions span all aspects of a business.

City Writeups offers actionable insights to grow and promote your business from commercial excellence to innovative technologies while delivering quality customer experiences.

We offer these useful links for businesses to connect you to resources at government agencies, business organizations, and non-profits that support emerging markets.

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  • SVIEF – Founded in 2011, Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum is regarded as one of the most anticipated technology and investment conferences in the Bay Area. It features over 10,000 professional attendees each year from an investment, entrepreneurship, technology, and government.


  • AngelHack Silicon Valley – Six years ago, AngelHack was founded on the idea of bringing creators together. Our first project was a Hackathon – a space where founders could meet, developers could discover opportunities, and entrepreneurs could shape their ideas into reality. Since then, AngelHack has introduced Hackathons, virtual competitions, accelerators, incubators, and internal innovation programs to corporations, government entities, and nonprofits in over 100 cities worldwide. By encouraging our diverse community of 160,000+ startups, developers, and entrepreneurs to become holistic and well-rounded hackers, we aim to help every pioneer realize their innovation potential.
  • CodeDay Silicon Valley – CodeDay is a worldwide event where student programmers, artists, musicians, actors, and everyone else can get together and build apps & games for 24 hours. Students of all skill levels are welcome — we have workshops and mentors who can help if you’re new! Unfortunately, our in-person CodeDays are on hold until it’s safe to host them again. In the meantime, check out Virtual CodeDay or enter your email below to get notified when we re-open registrations.
  • Hacker Dojo – This is a location for Startups, Events, Lectures, Hackathons, DevHouses, tinkering, brainstorming, co-working, and more!
  • Hacking Generation Y – We are organizing hackathons with the most brilliant youth all over the world.

Job Fairs – San Francisco Startup Jobs 

  • Silicon Valley Virtual Job Fair  – If you are looking for a job in Silicon Valley, California – Northern, then you’re in the right place. Interview with multiple recruiters from Silicon Valley’s top employers. Register today and land your dream job. Feb 8, 2021
  • San Francisco Virtual Job Fair – Job Fair Pro has teamed up with Best Hire Career Fairs to bring you the country’s best Virtual Job Fairs and Career Fairs. Feb 18, 2021
  • Silicon Valley Virtual Job Fair  – If you are looking for a job in Silicon Valley, California – Northern, then you’re in the right place. Interview with multiple recruiters from Silicon Valley’s top employers. Register today and land your dream job. May 17, 2021
  • Silicon Valley Virtual Job Fair – If you are looking for a job in Silicon Valley, California – Northern, then you’re in the right place. Interview with multiple recruiters from Silicon Valley’s top employers. Register today and land your dream job. Aug 12, 2021
  • Silicon Valley Virtual Job Fair – If you are looking for a job in Silicon Valley, California – Northern, then you’re in the right place. Interview with multiple recruiters from Silicon Valley’s top employers. Register today and land your dream job. Nov 08, 2021


  • 106 Miles – 106 Miles is a network of startup founders, engineers, and friends. Our mission is to educate and empower entrepreneurial engineers.
  • Bootstrappers Breakfast – Join Other Entrepreneurs Who Eat Problems For Breakfast.
  • Igniters: Stanford Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley Founders – The Igniter is a startup-focused community in Silicon Valley.
  • Lean Startup Circle Silicon Valley – Lean Startup Circle is dedicated to applying lean startup thinking and building lean startup leadership. We bring the Silicon Valley lean startup community together in various formats (many of which involve beer) to learn from each other. What works? What doesn’t? Is lean just a buzzword? Or can it really help build businesses?
  • NewCo. Silicon Valley – Our thoughts are with our NewCo community and all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We will resume planning for NewCo festivals worldwide when it is deemed safe to return to normal operations. Please stay healthy and well, and we look forward to connecting soon.
  • SF New Tech – SF New Tech evolved from its first “meetup” of eight geeks talking about tech over cold pints at the Mars Bar back in April 2006 to a cornerstone of the Bay Area technology community; serving over thousands of tech industry movers and shakers, VCs, journalists, hackers, developers, recruiters from the Bay Area — and beyond.
  • Silicon House – SiliconHouse specializes in connecting people, entrepreneurs, and companies to innovation and business opportunities Silicon Valley through experiences, relationships, and cultural exposure.
  • Silicon Valley Chinese Entrepreneurs –Our organizations are dedicated to helping Silicon Valley Chinese engineers, entrepreneurs, and startup team members to share resources and promote collaborations amongst engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, students, business owners, startup founders, executives, and investors.
  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club provides a fun, engaging, high-energy learning experience to help members develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and an increased impact in their career, relationships, and community.
  • Silicon Valley Startup Idea to IPO – We are a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, venture capitalists, angel investors, educators, financial professionals, corporate executives, attorneys, academics, bloggers, writers, content creators social activists.
  • Silicon Vikings – In response to the current pandemic and upcoming recession, Silicon Vikings gathers together the smartest, most experienced minds in our network to mentor startups for free! Why struggle with re-inventing the wheel on your own when you can get insights from our most experienced and successful venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, industry experts, sales experts, etc.
  • Startup Founder 101 Silicon Valley – Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups and push the local startup ecosystem forward.
  • Startup Grind Silicon Valley – Welcome to the original Startup Grind Chapter established in February 2009 when nine people showed up in Mountain View, California, to brainstorm, hang out, and eat cheap pizza. This Chapter has hosted some of the best entrepreneurs Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have ever had. We host 1-2 virtual events per month, ranging across all industries and topics. All our events are open to all, so we hope you’ll join us.
  • Startup Leadership – The Startup Leadership Program is a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become top startup CEOs. SLP Fellows have founded nearly 2000 successful startups & raised more than $2.4B+ in funding.
  • Startup Speakers Toastmasters – At Startup Speakers, we are passionate about creativity — that’s why we ‘startup’ early.
  • Silicon Valley Startup Founders– Silicon Valley Startup Founders is a Silicon Valley and Bay Area entrepreneur and startup founders group. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for your next big idea or a founder that’s looking to grow your startup, our startup events will inspire and encourage you, enrich your knowledge and expand your network as you make new connections. Learn from investors, founders & industry professionals as they speak about a range of startup and entrepreneurship-related topics and the latest technology impacting companies today. Our events are located in downtown San Jose, Silicon Valley. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! Join us!
  • Silicon Valley Startup Incubation and Acceleration Network – The Silicon Valley Startup Incubation And Acceleration is a non-profit organization for startup entrepreneurs to attend networking sessions, seminars, workshops, coaching, and mentoring programs organized by incubators and investors.
  • Startup Cofounders – Our group is ideal for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to find startup cofounders, business partners, and core team members. We provide valuable entrepreneurship resources and connections for high-potential startup entrepreneurs to launch their thriving ventures.
  • TDWI Silicon Valley Chapter– The purpose of the Silicon Valley Chapter of The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) is to enable local BI/DW professionals to Meet regularly with each other on a regional basis Share best practices in a small group setting Establish a strong network of peers Gain technical advice and career direction Everyone is welcome. We encourage you to join TDWI, but you do not need to be a member to attend.
  • Tech in Motion Silicon Valley – Tech in Motion™ is a North American tech event series where thought leaders share ideas and inspire one another. Broad by design, our goal is to create a community where technology enthusiasts can learn from other professionals, have questions answered in real-time, discover new tech, and hear stories that inspire. In addition, Tech in Motion creates space for tech professionals who wouldn’t normally cross paths to meet, collaborate, and learn about what their peers are doing across the city.
  • Tech ‘N The City – Tech ‘N The City is a San Francisco Bay Area Ladies group with a common interest in technology. We are a social network focused on engaging, educating, and empowering like-minded, professional, intelligent, and influential women in technology.
  • Women 2.0 Silicon Valley – Founded in 2006, Women 2.0 focuses on gender, diversity, and inclusion in the tech and startup spaces. We serve over 300,000 through content, programming, products, and services and have been an industry leader in the space for almost 15 years. We offer founders and professionals resources to grow their companies and careers and provide products for workplaces and the startup ecosystem to create inclusive environments that support the advancement of women and other underrepresented groups. Women 2.0 is a for-profit, for-good company committed to equality and inclusion and thus innovation. We work to push the conversation forward and take and encourage action around parity.
  • Women Who Code Silicon Valley – Women Who Code is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We envision a world where women are representative as technical executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers. Our programs are designed to get you there.

Our executive team offers insight, experience, and a hands-on approach to cultivate early-stage concepts, products, and services into commercially successful business opportunities.

To compete in today’s markets effectively, growing businesses need access to the same breadth and depth of services traditionally accessible only to larger business organizations. As a result, we allow growing companies to complete critical business functions.

Startup Life in San Francisco Startup Ecosystem

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