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Spain offers Subsidized Training for Professional Development

Subsidized Training – A huge advantage for your future!

For all those who still do not know this benefit available in Spanish companies, it is time to get to know it and take advantage of it. The tax agency in Spain collects taxes from companies and each employee that can be used for training expenses. Normally, each company collects a certain amount that can be used to train its employees during the course of the year. It is a considerable advantage for staff because they can improve their skills, enhance the content of their CVs, and optimize their opportunities to advance in their companies. For companies, the advantages are being able to improve the performance of their personnel and provide them with a benefit that serves as an incentive.

To access the subsidized training, the employee needs to request an authorization called “Individual Training Permit (PIF)” to be able to use part of their working day to attend the chosen training. The training, in addition to applying to the industrial sector of the company and being able to improve the skills of its personnel, must also be officially accredited.

Now, more than ever, companies can access these funds and take advantage of this historical stage, as many businesses are in a period of rest and slow operation. Likewise, employees have a little more time than they can use effectively and efficiently when learning new techniques and knowledge to carry out their work.

The conditions and requirements to have this subsidized training are the following:

  • It is only for company workers. Not for the unemployed or self-employed.
  • Companies decide and manage courses and workshops for employees.
  • Companies provide a percentage of the financing.
  • Training must be face-to-face or online. Not for distance courses.

This video shows a summary, in 10 steps, of the Subsidized Training. (In Spanish)

Our company, PM Workshops, is registered with the State Foundation for Employment Training (www.fundae.es); therefore, we are accredited to provide this type of training, and we offer a wide range of professional training. In addition, our staff can assist you in:

  • Select the best course or workshop that yields the most benefit for companies and staff.
  • Make tailor-made workshops and study programs.
  • Manage documentation and requirements of administrative agencies.
  • Provide the necessary follow-up to ensure that what is learned in our workshops is effectively implemented in companies

For more information or to schedule a course, please contact us by dialing +34 665 85 54 96 or info@pm-workshops.com

Spain offers Subsidized Training for Professional Development

Workshops for Professional Development

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