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Consumer Online Reviews: Which Generation Is the Most Critical?

Whenever a customer writes an online review of your business, that review becomes a critical piece of social proof for other potential consumers. In one 2019 survey, 90% of respondents said positive online reviews influenced buying decisions.

But how does the impact of online reviews vary by age group? It’s no secret that different generations have very different relationships with the internet. From the digital native Gen Zers to the more traditional Boomers, each demographic places differing levels of trust in online reviews – and tends to look for recommendations from different sources around the web.

We’ve compiled a visual guide to help you get the most benefit from consumer reviews based on your target demographics:

Consumer Online Reviews: Which Generation Is the Most Critical?

Online Review Stats Gen Z and Millennials

Online Review Stats Gen X

Online Reviews Stats Boomers 1Social Proof with Online Reviews

How Do Different Generations Shop and Review Online?

Many inter-generational shots have been fired about behavior over the years – from “lazy Millennials” to “out of touch Boomers” – but what about online behaviors? Did you know that different generations behave differently in navigating, using, and even shopping online?

We created this infographic to highlight each generation’s online review habits and help store owners understand how powerful customer feedback can be.

Social Proof with Online Reviews

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