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Social Media Week – Social Media Week New York (#SMWNYC) is a worldwide event that brings together global leaders, social media practitioners, and digital marketers for a multi-day virtual event that serves as the central meeting point for the entire social media marketing industry. Virtual; May 4-7, 2021

  • Audiences Who we are marketing to, how do we find them, and how has their mindset shifted? How can we think about people and not consumers?
  • Brand Brands continue to be important, but the way they are built is changing greatly, and our relationship with them is complicated. How should experience and purpose play into brand strategy?
  • Content Has always been a key to marketing, but there is much more of it; there are new ways to make it faster and cheaper, so how do we cut through the noise?
  • Data Data is key to the future of marketing, but very few companies will find a competitive edge in how they use it. How do we focus on quality vs. quantity?
  • Enterprise A progressive company is one where information and decision-making are transparent, and leaders are accountable.

Enjoy and learn from some of the greatest minds in digital marketing on our Main Stage each day from 11 AM-2 PM ET. These speakers will explore the role of social media marketing as it relates to brands, content, consumers, data, and enterprise.

Join your like-minded peers for intimate open discussions focused on top-of-mind industry challenges and trends. Two meetups will take place each day during #SMWNYC at 2:15 pm ET. For Premium Pass holders only, pre-registration is required.

Social Media Week 2021 New York SMWNYC

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