Social Media Trends to Follow in 2022 and Beyond

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Social Media Trends to Follow in 2022 and Beyond

From Facebook to TikTok, social media has changed a lot. A few years back, no one ever thought that TikTok would be the trending app. People love surfing on social media platforms. It has become a vital part of life. People are so addicted to it that spending an hour without it seems impossible.

Here are some of the social media trends to follow in 2022.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) enhances and modifies real-world visual content to make it stand out on social media. As a result, it is popular with younger audiences. However, the popularity of augmented reality on social media goes beyond just filters to look cute.

Brands can also use augmented reality to give their customers better shopping experiences. For example, they are increasingly using augmented reality to let customers test things before buying. The Drum claims that AR can increase click-through rates by up to 33%.

Build Networks with the Audience

According to HubSpot’s research, the vital social media objectives of most marketers and business owners in 2022 will be to reach new audiences, strengthen client relationships, and improve customer service. These objectives used to be more centered on increasing sales and product promotion.

Therefore, it’s expected that brands’ use of social media will change significantly. It will be utilized not only for advertising but also to establish stronger client relationships to increase brand loyalty.

Short Format Videos

There is a large percentage of users who like to share short videos. According to Vidyard, shorter videos are 60% of the total videos. In later 2020, Instagram launched reels, and the rest is history. People are busy nowadays. They prefer watching shorter videos rather than 15 mins long videos.

According to a study, 93% of the brands surveyed reported gaining new clients due to social media videos. In addition, more than half of video watchers will stick with a clip under a minute long.

TikTok Popularity

Instagram is the most used social media platform, but TikTok is advancing in the rankings. TikTok has seen a 173% increase in search demand in 2020, while the number of searches for Instagram Reels has only increased by 22%.  

In September 2021, TikTok exceeded the 1 billion user threshold making it the seventh-most popular social network globally. As short-format videos are trending in 2022, it is ideal to use TikTok. As a result, mobile apps like TikTok, Instagram, and other short-format apps will grow in popularity in 2022.

Small Networks for Ads

Brands and marketers are interested in many smaller platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest. For example, a Pinterest business shows a report stating that its platform’s ads give double the Return on Investment (ROI) compared to other platforms.

The potential advertising audience on Snapchat has grown significantly, even though it is not as well-known for marketing as Facebook and Instagram.


Only a few trends that will rule the social media scene in 2022 and beyond are listed above. The emergence of TikTok and short-form video content are the two most anticipated innovations. While smaller networks like Pinterest and Snapchat may finally take off in 2022.


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Social Media Trends to Follow in 2022 and Beyond