Social Media Strategies To Grow Your eCommerce Business
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Social Media Strategies To Grow Your eCommerce Business

Did you know that 76.8% of global internet users bought a product/service online in 2020? So, E-commerce is booming, especially after 2020 and the coronavirus crisis as more and more people are shopping online. And, it makes sense as it’s so much easier and faster to shop this way for the customers and business are not limited by working hours or space. 

Here are some tips that will make any social media strategy for e-commerce successful, too, so read up!

Why Is It Important for E-commerce Companies to Have a Social Media Presence?

Like we’ve seen, it’s a good time to be in the e-commerce business. But, you can’t count on foot traffic, and a store in the busiest part of town won’t mean much for your e-commerce business. So, what do you do? You go where the buyers are – to social media.

72% of US adults use social media, and millennials rely on social media for their purchases the most – more than half will use social media to look into or buy products. So, give the people what they want! Social media and e-commerce are a match made in heaven.

What Are the Most Powerful Social Media for E-commerce?

So, you’ve decided to go where the shoppers are and set up social media for the e-commerce business you got going. Good decision! But, you might stop and wonder – Which social media platform is generally considered the best for e-commerce brands? 

Choosing the right social media for your e-commerce business is tricky because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, different social media platforms work for restaurants or car parts and different for fashion brands or cosmetics. 

Ideally, you should be present on all major social media platforms, but if you can’t manage that, here’s what you need to know about the top social media platforms for e-commerce. 


Who’s on it?

Everyone and their mom is on Facebook, from zoomers to boomers. It’s also the most widely-used social media platform, with 71% of adults having profiles there.

Who should market there?

Anyone can market there, and any product will find its audience there. It’s perfect for those who are not visual or artsy and don’t plan to invest in design.


Who’s on it?

Instagram is the millennials’ fave, and people interested in all sorts of stuff, from cars to fashion to travel to healthy living, are on it.

Who should market there?

Fashion brands, artists, cosmetics brands, and jewelry stores have the most success as visually-oriented users on Instagram and other visual brands. 


Who’s on it?

Younger people like gen X and millennials who are educated, interested in politics and community causes, and earn a higher income hang out on Twitter.

Who should market there?

If your business is centered around education, politics, finance, law, or societal issues, you should market on Twitter.

How to Effectively Post on Social Media for E-commerce Business? 

Your e-commerce marketing strategy will depend on the platform you choose and the kind of business you have. But, certain things will stay the same and go for any social media for e-commerce. So, here are MA Team’s general tips for any e-commerce digital marketing strategy.

Find Your Brand Voice and Make Relationships

Social media is not exactly a sounding board made for ads. But, it’s still a place where people connect and form relationships. So, you must set your brand and brand voice, share stories, and form relationships with your audience. That’s what gets people to buy and stay loyal to a brand on social media.

Get a Little Help From Your AI Friend

If you’re running your social media accounts on your own and you still want to have time to do your job, you’ll need the extra hand from an AI friend – automation tools. Social media algorithms wish to your constant presence and updates, and your customer will need you to respond to their questions and comments. And, you’ll need automation tools to manage all that.

Use a MIX of Organic and Paid Strategies

Most experts agree that the best way to go around social media growth and conversions is to take the mixed approach – combine organic with paid strategies. 

To grow organically, you’ll need great content, but you’ll also need to use hashtags, reviews, and social listening tools. And you’ll need to respond and maintain relationships with your audience. As for paid strategies, most social media platforms allow for paid ads or boosted posts, and you can also partner with influences or collaborate with other brands.

What Social Media Strategies Do You Use to Grow Your E-commerce Business?

And, those were our tips for your e-commerce social media strategy. Have you tried any of these before, and how did you like them? What social media strategy do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

Social Media Strategies To Grow Your eCommerce Business.

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