Social Media Strategies Summit 2021

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Social Media Strategies Summit 2021

Social Media Strategies Summit – SMSS is the premier social media conference for solution and service providers to engage directly with a targeted audience of decision-making marketers. Learn more about creating a unique sponsor experience for your company. Virtual; Oct 20-21, 2021


  • Learn the nuts and bolts of a successful social media strategy to position your brand for success.
  • Assess and audit your current social media initiatives through real-life feedback, discussions, and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Revitalize your strategy framework as brand practitioners walk you step-by-step through successful case studies.
  • Cultivate your arsenal of tools, resources, and connections to champion a social media marketing transformation back at your company.
  • Experience a unique gathering of senior-level, cross-industry marketers. See what’s driving success at different companies that can inspire innovation on your own.
  • Accelerate your career and your role within your company by learning to streamline your processes and improving your existing skills set.


Brand Best Practices for Working with TikTok Creators
Adobe has been able to establish strong audience growth on TikTok — as well as plenty of learnings along the way. This session will focus on the good and bad lessons the Adobe Social Org has learned through its first year on TikTok.

How to Develop a Consistent Messaging Strategy Across Social Platforms
Learn how to define your messaging strategy to support business goals and develop channel prioritization to share your brand message.

Data-backed Content Best Practices on LinkedIn
Leveraging the company’s LinkedIn data, Alex will share best practices and content tips that increase brand awareness, build thought leadership and drive leads on LinkedIn.

Social Media Strategies Summit 2021

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