Social Media Marketing Influencing Consumer’s Buying Behavior

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Social Media Marketing Influencing Consumer's Buying Behavior

When social media started gaining popularity, it was all about communications. But now, social media marketing in Dubai deals with commerce. Social aspects have always shaped consumer purchasing behavior. But as mobile devices and social media sites seem to be everywhere nowadays, word-of-mouth marketing has become easier than ever.

Statistics Showing the Influence of Social Media Channels on Customer’s Buying Journey

People in today’s world roam around with publishing and buying capabilities with them in the form of their phones every day. Social media marketing companies can also inform and interact with social media users and drive sales online and offline. 

Here are some statistics declaring out loud that social media influences customers’ buying habits.

  • According to Forbes, 81 percent of customers said that their friends’ social content impacts their buying decisions
  • Hubspot has reported that customers are seventy-one percent more likely to buy a product if it is referred to them on social media
  • According to business insider, 50 percent of the social media recommendations are made on Facebook and it accounts for 64 percent of total social media profit

Ways in Which Social Networks Impact Purchasing Habits of Customers

Let’s delve deep into how social media impacts consumer buying behavior.

Social Platforms Facilitate Direct Purchases

Sprout social reported that 1 in 3 customers told social media is their favorite place to get to know about businesses going forward. However, social media channels have turned into a place where customers go to both explore and purchase products/services.

The same organization stated that 65 percent of customers have already bought products directly via social platforms. These statistics show that social media agencies in Dubai weren’t wrong when they talked about the power of social media.

Social Media Reviews Do Magic

Yes, social networks provide the best and most reliable social proof. Customers are increasingly looking for testimonials or recommendations before buying a product. 

They check out platforms such as Twitter and review websites such as Yelp. They applaud, champion, and denounce items and brands. There is a high possibility that people will take this honest peer suggestion from customers who already have used a product or interacted with a business. 

Some appreciative words from a previous customer can do the trick. And also, a review by an angry consumer can make your customers bounce back. Not convinced? Here is the proof — fifty-one percent of shoppers go through reviews on platforms or social networks to analyze a product/service before buying.

Authenticity is the winner, at least in today’s marketing. The most amazing and costly TV ads couldn’t provide credibility. But social media does it for free. Experts at a good social media marketing company can help you to create catchy content to influence users. 

It Shows Your Product As the Solution

People often search for a solution to their problems on social media. Many times, they aren’t sure about the type of product/service they need and whether it exists or not. Social media profiles of your organization can heavily influence those people.

Users gain awareness about a certain product or brand through the social media posts brands publish on their accounts. This content is being shared by their following. Every company aims to impact buyer behavior. A solid social media presence is crucial for affecting the purchasing habits of your target audience.

People Love Discounts and Deals

Digital marketing in Dubai allows organizations to reach masses of active users in real-time. It is a cheap marketing platform. It’s your duty to ensure that your target customers view your products and share them on their accounts. This helps to impact customer behavior.

On social media, people can follow as many pages/profiles or groups as they want. Brands should use these groups/forums for promotions as well as to show discounts and deals. 

The word ‘discount’ grabs people’s attention. As most users keep checking their social media every now and then, it is very likely that they will see your discount or promotional post.

Partnering with Influencers

People often respond positively to the recommendations from their favorite celebrities and influencers. Simple psychology works here. Users trust famous people whose work they have been liking for a long time.

For example, influencers who regularly give reviews on makeup products are considered pros and knowledgeable in the industry. Often, consumers try a product because of their positive reviews and the product actually turns out to be ideal for them.

In those cases, customers’ trust in those influencers increases even more. They also spread the word about that particular influencer. That is how social media works nowadays. Social media agencies can leverage it to improve their marketing strategies. 

Bottom Line

Previously, customer behavior was only influenced by psychological, personal, and social aspects. But social media has changed it a lot. Companies now have a treasure trove of data at their hands all the time.

Brands should benefit from social media by applying the right strategies. Social media has great potential to turn users into consumers.

Social Media Marketing Influencing Consumer’s Buying Behavior