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Social Media Marketing in 2019                             

The word marketing is a big word in itself. Be it traditional marketing, be it digital marketing or be it social media marketing. With every passing year, trends in marketing are changing rapidly. Now, the journey of the year 2018 is on its end and the year 2019 is on its way to smile. Here, we are going to have a look at Social Media Marketing in 2019. Social media marketing is becoming more effective all the time.

These days, everybody is hooked to social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are few examples, which keep upgrading with new and innovative features. In this scenario, we can leverage social media marketing, as users keep searching for services and products on these social media platforms, so the marketers can grab opportunities to catch all attention through their social media marketing skills.

Let’s go through social media marketing trends that will dominate 2019-

Live video- Live video, it has been introduced in 2016 and still seeing growth and expected to dominate in 2019 as well. Initially, YouTube had this feature, but now we can other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram also are leveraging this feature and its popularity is continued to grow every day. As per some marketing expert’s statement,”80% of what we consume online will soon be video content.”

you can’t deny the fact that a live video is a more effective trend. It makes things alive and attractive to the user. This shows that the number of social media users who prefer watching a video to text is expected to increase.

So dear marketers use this medium more in your social media marketing, but yes it has some inherent shortcomings like due to technical problems, videos can go wrong. We should take care of full proof production level of videos.

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Social Media Influencers- A few years back, this trend was considered associated to only celebrities but now we keep reading about Instagram stars, Twitter influencers, etc. It’s a big trend in social media marketing because people in a large number follow them, they go through their influencers every post, blog or tweet. We can see rage between them.

The more number of social media influencers grows, more the price of their services grow. This thing has turned social media marketer’s head towards Micro-influencer Marketing.

Maybe, micro influencers have a few numbers of followers but they are genuine, they are the most interested in what their influencers say or do.

Data Security- One more important feature, that every user wishes to have, is their data security. Yes, it will prevail the most in 2019 as it has been a big issue in 2018. When the news broke out that a database firm called Cambridge Analytica leaked out personal data from around million Facebook profiles, without their consent to target US voters.

In this connection, Facebook and it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg were inquired several times by legal authorities. This has compelled other social media networks and brands also to have transparency between the network and the user. No social media network can play with personal details of users.

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, that came into effect this year, according to it, if any network wants to collect customer’s behavioral data online, you need to get explicit opt-in consent from the customer.

Social Media Never Sleeps-Timeliness-  There is 24/7 customer support in social media marketing. These days users are online all the time as per their requirements and available time. They can see products any time, purchase any time, talk any time, just because of social media never sleeps. Now, if we tweet while even in train for our problems they are mostly addressed in time. So, real-time communication will indeed be an emerging feature.

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Artificial Intelligence-Chatbots- All social media ad platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon have adopted the feature Artificial Intelligence to grow customer interaction. Chatbots have taken over manual conversations to improve customer support. chatbots conversation feels like a real-time conversation. In 2019, chatbot will rule social media market, as it’s becoming a highlight in these days, we can see this feature everywhere dominating, be it ordering food, be it choosing a mobile plan, ordering clothes or be it any service of day to day life. So, to be one step ahead in social media marketing, you need to develop chatbots for your business.

Third Party Integration- Social media is not confined to youth only, but elder generation also is engaged on these platforms. Third party integration allows you to share information without leaving the app. Facebook and LinkedIn are already using this feature.

Personalization- These days all information of people is being uploaded on social media, this way social media networks get all details. All emails can be sent to consumers according to clicked links, posts, etc. we can see shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, they prompt products according to our previous purchase, MakeMyTrip keeps offering you places as per your previous inquiries or revealed interests. this way, marketing bonds the relation with the consumer. The customer feels like cared by a brand. Today these days, a consumer wants everything on the individual level, even interaction with the brand, it feels him being treated like personal interaction. Thus, conversion grows. At the end of the year 2018, we are experiencing a campaign being run on Facebook called Memories of Facebook in 2018. It shows that this social media takes care of the individual. It grows the popularity of Facebook.

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Voice Search- This another feature will play pivot role 2019. People find this feature as very comfortable. If we have to search for something then we don’t need to waste our time typing, just say and get your work done. It makes us type less and save time as well.  For example, you need to find some South Indian restaurant, then just by saying South Indian restaurant, you will get the results in front of you. These days, Alexa, Google all have this feature and It also allows the user to do work faster, type less, speak more and less screen time. But make sure voice search is available on your website.

Conclusion- We are all set to welcome the year 2019 so the enhanced social media marketing in 2019 too. There is always a room for innovation and improvement in everything, so social media marketing is seeking to adopt these above-mentioned trends to rule in 2019. Personalization, live video some are examples, which already exists but they also need to groom in 2019.

 Author Bio: Myself Poonam Agarwal, an experienced content writer at TechIngenious – A Web & Mobile app development company. I am writing from the past 3 years. I love to express my views through writing. I am a day to day writer and an athlete when I am not writing.

Social Media Marketing in 2019

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