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Save time by keeping track of all of your social media accounts in one location. Buffer is an easier way to plan updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and watch their results.

There’s no need to waste time signing into several social networks. Instead, add any link, text, image, or video to Buffer, and you can select when and where it will be shared. So in this article, we will discuss what makes it distinctive from its opponents is that buffer.

Buffer is a web and smartphone platform that allows users to monitor their social media profiles by planning updates to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and reviewing their outcomes, and interacting with their followers. Buffer Inc., a remote corporation, owns it.

Buffer is one of the most user-friendly social media management tools, with each behavior being simple to understand. Connecting your Instagram account (as with all of these apps) can be a little complicated (due to Instagram’s restrictions), but Buffer makes it better than any competitor.

A community of European ex-pats in San Francisco, including Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich, designed the app. Currently, Gascoigne is the CEO of Buffer. By December 2019, the team had grown to 90 employees operating remotely from 15 countries worldwide, with over 4.5 million registered users and annual sales of over $16 million.

Why people love the Buffer app?

  • From a single location, share Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages.
  • Be active on social media regularly to develop your audience and impact.
  • For each update you post, you’ll get easy-to-read analytics.
  • Schedule your posts automatically, meaning you don’t have to think about remembering to set a time and date or customizing the scheduling of specific positions. Scheduling has never been more straightforward or more adaptable than it is now.
  • You can share from whatever app you choose. And native retweets from most Twitter applications can be scheduled!
  • Buffer will provide you with world-class assistance.


Free features

Buffer helps users schedule messages to their social media pages using the app (connect three social accounts via the free version). This feature allows you to plan and submit messages to social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest. In addition, the program has some preset time slots dependent on the times of day when social media users are more active online. Buffer does, however, encourage users to change or delete the default time slots if they so choose.

The Buffer program runs on three different operating systems:

  • Browser: The program can be installed as a browser plugin for Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Mobile: The program can be activated on all iOS and Android devices.
  • Newsreader: This feature enables the program to work with a variety of newsreader programs.

Paid feature

Buffer has a premium package called Pro that allows users access to extra functionality like the Feeds feature, which attaches an RSS feed to a user’s Buffer profile and displays recommended links from external websites selected by the user. Besides, metrics for the number of posts sent out and the number of active users over time are available. The package also includes an extended daily cap of 100 seats and the ability to maintain up to eight social media profiles. In addition, buffer unveiled the Hashtag Manager, a new feature for paying plans, on August 6, 2019. Using the latest function, paying participants can build and save hashtag groups directly inside the Buffer composer.


Finally, we’ve made a few changes 🙂 You can now plan to your heart’s content!

This update contains the following information:

  • Instagram video management has been improved.
  • Greater knowledge of channel disconnects
  • A slew of other bug patches and enhancements!

Growth of Buffer App

Buffer’s gross sales per year jumped to $1 million in January 2013 and then to $2 million in September of the same year, thanks to a rise in the number of users using the service. Buffer had a million users by September 2013, with about 16,000 paying customers. The total number of posts posted through the Buffer service surpassed 87,790,000, and the total number of users used through the app exceeded 1,266,722, with an average of 70 posts per account. [page 24] Buffer’s user base had grown to 1.3 million by February 2014. The organization’s annual sales increased by 38.3 percent from December 2013 to $3,900,000.

Importance of social media manager App

You will ensure that you post the content required to achieve your objectives and expand your business by planning. For example, it would help if you planned social media updates using a social media scheduling app. This would make visualizing what you’ll be posting and aligning it with your priorities much better.

Fortunately, social media monitoring software can assist. Many tools have a dedicated section where you can look for this stuff. Though you can find the same things by searching the internet, agencies make the task easier and help you to save your searches for later use. 

A social media optimization program will help you do this. The majority of social network management tools have analytic data. This information could include the number of retweets a post got, the number of website users referred via the social media accounts, or the cost per click of a recent paid campaign. It’s critical to understand what these statistics mean and make adjustments if needed.


Buffer tends to have fewer capabilities than other social network management systems on the paper. This, though, is deceiving in several respects. First, several of Buffer’s more specialized functions, such as social engagement and in-depth analytics, have been split into different applications. This means that its main product, Buffer Publish, focuses on handling a company’s social media pages. It does so admirably and with an incredibly user-friendly guide.

Buffer, on the other hand, would not provide any interactive listening. As a result, it’s one of the most accessible apps to get started with. Some competitors have had trouble convincing social networks to allow automation, but Buffer seems to have had no such issues.

Social Media Management Buffer App

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