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Social media is one of, if not the most, effective mediums to market your brand online. Its influence in today’s consumer generation is undeniable, making it the go-to digital marketing platform for big and small businesses. However, it’s become a challenging endeavor to ensure that your brand’s marketing tactics thrive on it because of its popularity.

The challenges lie in how you can come up with ideas to stand out. With the increase of social media users this year, rising above the noise seemed to have gotten tougher. You’ll have to think of what kind of content you should post to reach your target audience and retain your current following. This is where being the most creative and well-informed come to play.

You can’t expect yourself to have an unlimited amount of ideas, but you do have to have enough so you can plan. So with that being said, here’s a list of social media content that your brand can use this year.

Create short videos

Video content is viral nowadays, and that’s something that any brand can leverage. Although state-of-the-art gadgets help in producing high-quality videos, it’s not necessarily important. You can record and edit a video on your smartphone and then post it on social media.

Your videos also don’t have to belong. 30-seconders and 60-second bite-sized video clips are enough to engage your audience. The popularity of the social media platform TikTok proves just how effective short video content can be. Its users spend an average of 52 minutes on it per day, and it also averages one billion videos viewed every year, according to Oberlo.

Video content also gets shared more online more than text. According to marketers, 78% of their video content performs better than text.

Things that you can produce as video content can include how-to videos or tutorials. These videos are also popular in TikTok, getting tons of shares and positive feedback. In addition, you can partner with a social media marketing agency to produce the best video content for your business.

Do live streams

Staying on the topic of video content, another form of it that your brand can leverage for marketing are live streams. Live streaming became a popular way to generate income for gamers who are also content creators and influencers. It’s also an excellent way to produce content for a brand because of its attention from social media users.

For instance, Facebook users spend more time watching live videos than pre-recorded ones. This was discovered by the social networking site itself in 2016 when it launched the feature for its app.

You can live stream an “ask me anything” (AMA) with a guest expert or a coaching video. The AMA is for a larger audience, while you can do one-on-one coaching or meet and greets live with a smaller one. You can also do live interviews with a guest where users can ask questions as well.

Share user content

An option where that provides a variety of other choices is user-generated content. There’s plenty of content out there on different social media platforms related to your brand. You can choose which ones you want to share, which helps in gathering engagement and clicks.

You can share photos, screenshots, video clips, and useful links to blogs and infographics. Photos containing feedback or a positive review of your product or service are an effective way to market your brand. It’s authentic, and you also get to reach potential customers outside your following. Just remember to ask for their permission to share their post as a form of courtesy.

You can also encourage your followers to post content that you can share. It promotes engagement and shows that you care about what they have to say. Doing this is more effective in a contest or giveaway setting because the incentive makes it more appealing.

Concluding words

Content is king in social media and the digital marketing landscape. You’ll need to have plenty of ideas to turn into content to reach your target audience and give your brand a chance to stand out. It doesn’t always have to be something new and original, but it must be relevant and helpful. Keep in mind that the content you produce should appeal to and benefit your audience so your business can gain from it as well.

Social Media Content Ideas For Brands In 2021

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