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Smart Home Technology

The trend of smart devices and appliances is on the rise making way for the new generation of smart homes. Smart homes are no longer something that is a vision for the future, but rather something that most of us already have in our homes without even realizing it. While there are some homes that are much more advanced than others, we all have devices and appliances that make life easier with the simple touch of a button. That is what smart homes are all about, a convenience that makes life easier by saving us all time and money as well as saving energy which impacts the environment.

Since 1998 we have been able to find smart gadgets on store shelves making it easy for anyone to start changing the way that they live. Today smart homes are sustainable and have a direct impact on our environment as they ensure that our homes aren’t spending unnecessary energy. We can also find many all-in-one devices that combine speakers, cameras, hubs, lighting, and WiFi. A great example of such a product is the Sengled smart lamp speakers, which are app controlled from your smartphone or device. These are essentially light bulbs that have built-in speakers that have a powerful sound that fit into your standard light bulb sockets – how awesome!

CNN has said that the future of our homes look something like the “Jetsons” animated tv series, where we will have digital cutting boards and molecular cooking devices. While that seems a bit far out of our reach at the moment, we already have many smart devices that allow our lives to be more secure and accessible while we are out of our home.

We have an awesome infographic below which takes you into a few more of the details and stats surrounding smart homes, as well as why you would want your home to be smart.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology


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