Small Business Tips for Loyal and Happy eCommerce Customers
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Small Business Tips for Loyal and Happy eCommerce Customers

Customer experience’s importance is the same, if not higher, for small businesses online when compared to more established companies, even before the internet arrived.

Customers expect a lot from the institutions and people they put money into, more so online. It is harder to gain trust than when a common salesperson comes up to a buyer to offer a bottle of lotion or cologne for $5. There is no you and the customer; only the customer and what you put in front of them.

To help you approach this question as productively as possible, here are a few tips on how you can ensure that customers become beneficiaries of your services and partners in bringing you the best possible outcome.

  • Every Experience is Essential 

First things first: you must understand that whether it be you, your customers, or your employees, experience matter. Good or bad, these are goldmines of information you should not take for granted.

A lot of businesses often cherry-pick what is essential to them, but for experiences, every comment and reaction is as important as every cent of capital. Approaching it this way allows you to see that you have more than what you think about launching customer experience strategies.

  •  Cultivate a Service-Oriented Mindset

The next step before launching your platform’s customer experience strategy is to develop a service-oriented mindset. Treat every click of the button or every feedback on your website as an element to the overall tapestry that makes your customer happy and loyal.

Think of your website as a five-star restaurant where every detail must embody the best you can offer. The only difference here is that eCommerce customers are used to a lot of five-star restaurants and they can leave you with a click of a button. Always know that getting them there is as important as keeping them.

 Set a Goal and Vision for Customer Service

This is where you need to plan. Depending on your approach and branding, you may employ the use of different strategies like:

  • Using automation when it comes to interacting with customers
  • Creating actionable feedback mechanisms
  • Extending the olive branch with dispute or complaint settlements
  • Developing a live chat feature to assist your customer throughout their journey

The options listed above are only the tools to help you execute your vision for customer service. What can really guide your business through these is to list a set of values from the get-go.

Identify how you wish to engage your customers and what you want them to take away from their transactions with you. That way, your course of action won’t be drowned with the surplus of options but instead embedded in your company’s vision.

  •  Look, Listen, and Adapt

Once you have your customer service plan up and running, it is important to keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled. This may sound easy to most in an era when we are constantly plugged into our phones, but as businesspeople, it essential for us to know what works for our customers and what doesn’t.

Putting all of it together into actionable items is what wraps up seemingly annoying comments into productive customer engagement turnarounds.

  •  Foster a Relationship with Customers

After you address concerns and deliver responsive services, it is important to keep the conversations going. This is not only to serve as an indicator of customer loyalty but also to gather data. This is essential to keep them coming back and develop new plans to attract different prospects.

  • Establish Metrics to Measure ROI from Great Customer Experience

Last, but definitely not the least, is setting up metrics that will tell you how much of your customer experience strategies are actually turning in a profit. This is the final and most crucial indicator of how good a job you are doing when providing customers with top-notch services.

It should go without saying, but you need to pair your business computer with reliable software or tool that can track your metrics.

Even Small Businesses Need to Offer Great Customer Experience

Optimizing customer experience online is crucial for any business wishing to gain or retain its customers. Everyone is a customer, even the CEO of the biggest brand in the world. Having known that, should you not be more sensitive to the potential gripes of people who put money into your business?

Trevor Michael is a Customer Contact Industry Specialist of Select VoiceCom, specializing in call center outsourcing services. He has operated successfully within this niche industry for over ten years across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. He enjoys writing, golf, and going to social events.

Small Business Tips for Loyal and Happy eCommerce Customers

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