Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Personalized Simple Emails

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Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Personalized Simple Emails

Email personalization is probably the best approach if your business wants to gather rich organic traffic to the website. These days, consumers highly demand specially curated ads and emails focusing on their interests instead of any generic content. Say, would your grandma get excited about the offers on sports shoes? She would instead expect something like mittens or wool.

But doesn’t the task of crafting every single email for a bulk of customers seem illogical to you? If you too think this so-called essential task is tedious, here are a few tips to automate your entire process.

Tips for creating attractive yet straightforward personal emails

Emails for business marketing should be creative and focused on customer-specific content rather than listing out the generic terms. The following factors can target various customer groups to automate the personalization by large.

1.    Pictures and visuals are the quickest attractions

Customers are always busy, and probably no one would have the eternity to read a lengthy email. Moreover, if you promote any brands or deals, it’s better to use poster ads or audio-visuals to attract customers quickly. More than long sentences, the flashy visuals can easily cover a lot of content to portray the desired content easily.

2.    Rhetorical subject lines targeting consumer needs

One of the biggest challenges of email marketing is that many people ignore opening them. If you want your customers to click and read the mail, your subject line should be the best to catch their eye. Rather than prompting some formal sentences or brand and product names, try to address actual consumer needs and issues.

You can state the seasonal offers that everyone eagerly waits for or ask them a probable question about the new offers. This focussing is a direct approach towards email personalization as you have to curate emails with different subjects targeting different consumer groups.

3.    Direct links and CTA to the website

If your advert email promotes certain products filtered for the particular customer group, you should also provide direct website links to land on the referring windows. People certainly wouldn’t like to scan and search the entire website even if they find any attractive offer in your mail; thus, CTA is a must. You can also use links to get feedback or to guide the new users for subscriptions.

4.    Go for strongest keyword clusters

Focused data and apt keywords are the heart and soul of personalized email marketing. While you use short terms, phrases, and almost no paragraphs, attractive keywords only ensure the best response. Try to develop effective keyword clusters for your website which concentrate on your brand and business statistics.

Instead of focusing on distinct product names or unknown terms, try using jargon and general words the target consumers might be familiar with. Say, you can prefer slang and cinema language if you target a group of young adults.

5.    Shoot personalized emails on prime moments

Sending emails isn’t a monotonous job as you have to make sure of the suitable date and time to get the desired response. For example, you can send reminder emails or offer deals on their birthdays, account creation anniversaries, or festivals and occasions to the registered customers on your website.

Timing is also essential to ensure people don’t slide off the mailbox notifications. You can try mailing early in the morning, during breakfast time, or after corporate working hours when most mobile users supposedly check their emails leisurely. To add up more zeal, you can even set ticking timers to offers and thundering deals to quicken up the receivers’ pace.

6.    Emails should be rich with personalized content

How can you possibly keep track of what every single customer wants? If you think you have to sit and monitor everyone’s activity, you won’t be developing a rigid marketing strategy. AI e-commerce platforms, SEO audit analysts, or website traffic analyzing apps are probably the best options to filter out and group the customers’ activities.

Whether it’s variation in gender, age group, or product preference, these apps provide precise logistics to show which user falls into which category. By large, this channeling helps to customize emails for groups of people instead of every separate user.

7.    You can’t miss out on abandoned carts!

Abandon carts are major pull downs in your sale and profits if your customers forget that they have a full cart waiting to place the order. Website logistics can easily filter out how many carts are abandoned or are kept waiting so that you can send them reminder emails. This mode of designing personalized emails ensures you engage your faithful consumers for long.


Personalized emails focus on consumers’ interests over general business promotion. Though the companies should curate the email bodies with expected content for every target, they should also preserve the consumers’ data privacy.

Business emails, customized for engaging trustworthy customers, needn’t be designed separately for all but can work on a collective approach by categorizing them into groups. Rather than writing out the entire mail body, your business can certainly use the creative tricks discussed in this article to develop creative mails.

Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Personalized Simple Emails