Simple yet Superb January Marketing Ideas

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Almost everyone will be glad that they have made it to 2021. People are saying goodbye to 2020 finally because the year brought unprecedented events in everyone’s lives. They experienced a real massive pandemic, turbulent elections, and the rise of TikTok, etc. This is the time to go back to work. Holidays are over and done with, and you need marketing plans, and the world is your oyster when it is down to making a splash in January 2021. Here are some creative marketing ideas for January that will start getting you ramping back your marketing campaign.

  1. Update the GMB profile

Having a proper and robust Google My Business profile is more significant than ever before. You have to appear in the SERPs when your business’ local searchers ore trying to locate your kind of businesses online on Google or Google Maps. A more complete GMB profile is the place to make a proper beginning for marketing in this manner. Take out a few minutes to ensure that your profile can be claimed and then take this further by optimization of your listing. You can add a Q&A section to the business profile with some images and videos for showcasing the business. Ensure that you respond to all the reviews on the profile.

  1. Develop holiday roundup posts

The holiday season may be over but do not miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the cheer from the activities last month. The holidays can still be a part of your January marketing plans. You can create and publish the holiday roundup posts on your social media platforms or blogs. Write about a holiday party that was organized by your catering company for instance. Add recipes and post images. Take advantage of throwback Thursday on Instagram and Twitter and post more images from a couple of weeks back to share with the followers. Holidays are busy times and some customers may have missed the things you had going at the time. You can add them in the loop this time around while creating fresh content.

  1. Announce upcoming promotions or events

You must market your business both online and offline by highlighting the upcoming events for the year 2021. You can think about the holidays coming up such as Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mardi Gras. In case you have things planned for some of these events such as Valentine’s Day deals at your restaurant or the spa allow the customers to become aware of it. A calendar displaying all your promotions is a terrific way of keeping the clientele informed about the upcoming events and promotions that are sponsored or hosted by your business. You can also consider partnering with a web development company that can take care of your business’s marketing requirements.

  1. Begin with a referral or customer loyalty program

All business owners are aware of the real value of loyal customers. Loyal customers bring repeat business and they are more likely to refer more clientele to your business. However, there is the question of building customer loyalty. One of the ways of doing it is by using a referral or customer loyalty program and the month of January is the perfect time to begin one such program. You can think about creating a stamp card for loyal customers. Every purchase will provide one stamp card and after ten stamps they can receive discounted products or services. Ensure that you are promoting the loyalty program on social media platforms available in your locality. This allows them to find you easily.

  1. Have New Year resolutions relating to your business

You have to make this year’s New Year resolutions stick by sharing them with the community through the internet. Also, ask your followers and fans to share their resolutions. It is a great method for engaging the audience and let more people in on your resolutions. Develop more regular content based on these resolutions. For instance, fitness centers can develop accountability posts developed weekly for the creation of a support community. Assertiveness training workshops can create content regarding personal growth whereas catering services and restaurants can write FB posts or blogs with health-related recipes. Daycare centers can think about toy organizations having toy areas and playrooms. 

Simple yet Superb January Marketing Ideas


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