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Tips to Make Your Magento eCommerce Store Checkout Step Simple

Proper optimization of the E-commerce store is crucial for customer engagement and staying ahead of the competitors. Store owners focus on the visuals, design, and website layout, but the essential element is the smooth navigation of the checkout process, which is necessary for customer engagement. Whether the shoppers are surfing your website products or at the final stage of buying, checkout, slow processing is the sale killer. Buyers love exploring fast and straightforward processes, not want to waste time in navigation. They want to buy a product with a few clicks of the button. So, if you are facing any problem with your E-commerce store checkout process, we have a solution for you to make it optimized. If your store is developed in Magento, then optimizing it will not be a tough job to perform. The optimizing of store requires some efforts and technical skills which is available with expert Magento development company. In this blog, a few essential tips are mentioned to help customers make a quick buying decision.

  1. Special Symbol for Important Fields

While gathering data from the customers, it is crucial to place a special symbol with the essential fields to differentiate them from the optional fields. Placing an asterisk symbol is the most straightforward approach to show that the required field is critical to be filled up while others are based on users’ choice. This approach is time-saving, and the buyer completes the checkout process at a faster rate. Magento developers can help you to keep the checkout step clean and smooth. They are experienced professionals knowing to handle complex stores with ease.

  1. Show Right Price

One primary reason behind buyers not completing the checkout process is the confusion of experiencing additional costs upon checkout. Make sure the store you own displays the right price in the cart by including shipping and other taxes as well. When buyers check the additional cost at checkout, they feel cheated, and to offer them reasonable satisfaction, it is essential to maintain complete transparency.

  1. Error Popup

When the buyer enters incorrect details, the E-commerce store should automatically pop up. Instead of mentioning all the errors at the page end in bulk form, an error popup should be immediately sent. To make the buyer satisfied, add some creative notes instead of daily ones. Make sure the e-store buyers enjoy the checkout process.

  1. Security

When asking for the buyer’s credit and debit card information, ensure all the security levels are shown. Make your customers satisfied that they are at a secure place using 2FA, HTTPS, and padlocks features. Trust and reliability is a very crucial factor during the online payment. Magento is by default a secure platform but adding an extra layer of security is always essential.

  1. One-Step Checkout

Once the buyer has navigated to the checkout phase, make sure they don’t have any elements for distraction and other unnecessary details. The best way here is to offer one-step checkout to the buyer for order confirmation. This is a game-changing approach. Don’t make the checkout process complicated; make it simple by providing essential information. If complications are present, the buyer will leave the store without buying the product.

  1. Run Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Any online store sales are affected by cart abandonment. E-commerce experts have implemented various measures to address shopping cart abandonment, like email follow-up. Running cart abandonment campaigns is another way to convince the customers to revisit the store and complete their shopping; while, the email must have convincing elements. Include these follow-up in the email:

  • Offer them a discount.
  • Offer free shipping
  • Send a follow-up email when a customer leaves his cart
  • Send email 24 hours later
  1. Clean Layout

The first impression plays a significant role in the checkout step. Having a clean and smooth checkout step is the first step for a great checkout experience. The most straightforward approach is to remove every possible distraction that makes your customer flee. For example, eliminating unnecessary links, form elements, and the navigation bar is a perfect approach to keep the customer focused during the checkout process. Another aspect that influences the customer’s decision to take a step towards payment is the checkout form. A form having minimum fields, the chances are very high the customer will complete the order. Thus, stick to the crucial areas and save customers’ time. The more fields the customer has to fill, the more they will get irritated. So, make the form filling process a little fast. And always test your forms by filling in the input fields, checkout page layout, and buttons.

If your E-commerce store follows the above tips and gets them integrated, then the chances of conversion will be very high. To ensure buyers are engaged to contact a reputed Magento development agency with proper resources to provide the best solutions. They will build a store having a smooth checkout process. The buyers will experience no troubles during the checkout phase.


If you are looking to grow your online business sales, make sure a smooth checkout process is present. The checkout process is the most vital element of customer engagement. The process needs technical knowledge and tweaking, but the store will become a sales machine if done correctly. The one-step checkout process is a unique strategy preferred by several marketing experts. If followed correctly, the tips mentioned in the blog will help achieve the desired goals.

Author Bio-

Elina Reddy is the Sr Magento Developer in Magento Store – Magento 2 Development Services provider worldwide. She has a great experience in Magento and also a passionate blogger in the technology field. She loves to share knowledge and writing about the best practices, tips, tools, trends in web design & development, especially in Magento.

Simple Magento Checkout Tips

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