Shopify: The Torch Bearer for Sales Personnel

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Shopify: The Torch Bearer for Sales Personnel

Shopify: The Torch Bearer for Sales Personnel

Online shopping has played a big role in helping people attain all their desired commodities and services without physical boundaries. Not only this, but it has also greatly reduced the burden on the pockets of entrepreneurs and end-users. This has created a win-win situation for all. Online shopping has also created many job opportunities in the economy, such as delivery personnel, sales reps, and customer service members. It has also boosted the customer care front in the BPO industry.

For basic regular-need products, luxury items, or even virtual services, E-commerce is taking place in every nook and corner of the world today. Going digital has become a way of life. Even if you have a physical store, it is a great boost if you work on the online front parallel to it. It will increase your reach and your customer base massively. Therefore, a solution or software for your selling business or store online has become essential. This process is known as E-commerce development. But wait…

That isn’t enough! It’s no more about what you’re selling! Instead, the limelight has shifted to how you’re selling it!! This is where marketers and sales professionals sprint and work on getting more prospects, creating sales opportunities, and closing deals in simple terms selling.

Shopify: The Torch Bearer for Sales Personnel

So, let’s look at the role of sales in an online business today!

The responsibilities of a sales professional have increased immensely today. It all started with in-store help, where they would walk up and help if you had any questions, then it shifted to door-to-door or on-foot on-street sales services, where they would come up to you on the streets or at your home to sell the products. Now it’s all through chatbots, automated messaging, telecommunications, or online.

They are quite contrary to what was earlier in the physical store. In yesteryears, sales associates were ardent about making a sale, while today, it’s about networking and reaching out. It’s become more about convincing the audience to buy their product and not any other. It’s all thanks to the diminishing concept of monarchy. There’s no particular seller who sells a single product. 

There are more sellers of a similar product already available. Hence the competition they have to fight through is tough. Offering something with additional benefits or convenience to the end user always results in a winning deal. But that’s not the only thing people look at nowadays. They also check the business’s standing and what’s different about their work style. The role has become so wide that marketing and sales work head to head to gather loyal clientele for their brand. It has become their responsibility to get the company the name and the targets it deserves.

We’re talking about online shopping. How can we forget the one software that’s made online buying and selling a highly convenient process, Shopify? Before we get into today’s talk about sales and Shopify, let’s know…

 What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based SaaS platform allowing you to lay out an online store and help personally with its POS. There are over a million Shopify users and customers across the world. Today it has become the most loved E-commerce software available, suited to all types and scales of business. It provides a monthly subscription format, offering a wide range of plans and features that you can select from. What more? It has many plug-ins and integrations to take your online store’s performance to an all-new level. 

Shopify facilitates online store design and development and helps in other business operations! Such as marketing, sales, etc. There’s ready content on how Shopify streamlines sales—however, not many talks about the sales assistance it offers the businessman. So, today we shall focus on the sales factor of Shopify. It will surely help your sales personnel get higher conversion rates and more clientele. It will also help you retain old clients. After all, Shopify is also like a store on the world wide web. It also requires everything you need while running a physical store, except a physical location and an immense amount of inventory.

Here’s how you can increase sales on Shopify.

There are different techniques you cater to make the most of the software you use. For Shopify, there are a few focus points you need to get on with to ace it on the sales front! Here we go:

Leveraging free traffic:

Getting audiences to Shopify is as simple as reaching out to the masses on social media. To promote on different free channels and link them with your Shopify store. This will help you create awareness among the public on social media because social media is part and parcel of everyone’s daily life. Shopify will help you see who visits your store, how, when, and from where. You can also know how each visitor interacted and whether they interacted with your store. Once you get the data, you can tweak your traffic generation methods on each platform.

Creating monetized email lists:

Here again, Shopify works great once you have discussed your store socially. You can create mail lists from it. But don’t forget to choose an email marketing software that fits in line with the nature of your business. Get your store dedicated landing pages with forms and fields that require an email address to be filled in. This will get you the brownie benefits of more qualified leads. Your qualified leads are the people who are very likely to convert into subscribers or customers. You can send welcome emails, thanks for shopping emails, or emails of recent introductions to the store.

Going for paid traffic:

The above tactics will get you started with sales on your Shopify store. Still, if you want to accelerate things further, you can use paid strategies such as launching advertisements on FaceBook and Instagram. You can also start with campaigns on Google with Google Ads. It’s not just about getting technical assistance through the paid medium. You can also hire or tie up with different famous personalities to promote your online shopping business. Remember, the personalities you work with will change from platform to platform. So match whether their followers and community are what you want to target.

Store optimization:

This is the stage where you can maximize the value of your store with greater shopping and post-shopping experiences. You can chat live on your online Shopify store for a personalized experience. Shopify gets you user-generated content, also! It’s from their reviews and recently viewed or bought products. You can start your loyalty program too! This will reduce purchase costs so you can reinvest profits into your site. A big plus point is making your online store mobile responsive. On Shopify, you can also create upsells for your products.

Need full advantage of Shopify? Let’s look at how!

Only people who use Shopify will know this! Shopify offers you something known as the ‘Shopify sales channel.’ These channels include hosting different sites and marketplaces. So let’s get started by using Shopify channels!

First, go to your Shopify portal and click ‘Sales Channels and then your ‘Online Store.’ This will open up recommendations to which you can link your store to carry out sales. You can also add buy buttons to add to blogs and emails.

Here are the top sales channels you can add to make it big:





Shop( Here, you can sell through a shop application)

Buy Button( As mentioned earlier, you can put this button anywhere and boost direct sales!)

The Additional Shopify Sales Help!

Who said website insights and reporting are only for marketing personnel? Though Shopify website development offers different performance and interactions, it isn’t just for the marketing team. There are some vital areas for sales professionals too! 

Here are a few sales reports you want to check from your dashboard:

Sales over time

Sales by product



Shopify POS reports

Sales by channel

Sales by product

Sales by customer name

High-selling and low-profit margin products

Cost per item

Gross profit

Total sales

POS sales

Average order value etc.

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