Shopify Plus B2B Features – Must-Haves to Flourish in eCommerce

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Shopify Plus B2B Features - Must-Haves to Flourish in eCommerce

In the ever-changing B2B eCommerce landscape, almost every business wants its daily operations to run as seamlessly as possible. However, entering into the eCommerce world is not that easy for B2B businesses as one needs a powerful platform. And that’s where Shopify Plus becomes the most trusted name for B2B eCommerce businesses looking for more growth. Such a platform is gaining massive popularity because of the capabilities it offers. It is probably on the list of many business-to-business organizations looking for ultimate digital transformation.

The reason behind this popularity is that it is straightforward to use the platform for businesses looking to make online selling. However, the platform promises to offer advanced and purpose-driven functionalities if we talk about the Shopify plus B2B features. In this post, we will discuss the most important features that Shopify Plus offers to B2B businesses to thrive and survive in the eCommerce space.

Our Shopify Plus Features Good Enough for B2B eCommerce Businesses?

We would say no to this if we consider previous Shopify pricing plans. But when it comes to Shopify Plus, the story says something different. Shopify Plus offers more opportunities with B2B features that are not available in other Plans to comprehensively serve the business’s major demands. Although Shopify for B2B businesses can’t be as flexible as other open-source platforms, Shopify Plus B2B features are good enough for B2B businesses with short visions and tight budgets. 

Reasons Why Shopify Plus Is Best Go-to-Choice For B2B Businesses 

You can see that most of the major brands have chosen Shopify Plus for their B2B and direct-to-customer sales. Below are a few reasons why they consider this platform their first choice:

  • Easy Management: The ease of use is the major reason B2B businesses consider the Shopify Plus platform and its features. As an eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus comes with an easy-to-use dashboard comprising the most relevant B2B features like orders, customers information, reporting, etc.
  • Scalability & Manageability: Making the right platform selection for your B2B business requires a long-term strategy, flexibility, and many other considerations. Shopify Plus is highly scalable as it allows handling several transactions simultaneously.
  • High-level Security: Protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access is the most important job. This is why multiple layers of security attract B2B businesses that Shopify Plus offers.
  • API Integration: Shopify Plus comes with extensive extensions that have been fully reviewed and tested. The platform includes applications and integrations for customer service, marketing/promotions, inventory control, and B2B ordering. The amazing thing is that Shopify Plus can handle high API calls allowing multiple integrations to operate inside the platform. As a result, a top-notch Shopify web development company can help you build your Shopify stores according to your requirements.
  • Multiple Payment Options: The addition of numerous payment options inside the platform is a priority of many B2B organizations. Shopify Plus is an attractive option for B2B businesses when they want to perform repeated orders from their corporate customers. They can allow customers to save their credit card and billing details for easy reordering and faster checkouts.
  • Automation: Shopify Plus also offers extensive automation features and plenty of plugins for proper inventory management, profit margin monitoring, and data backups.
  • Marketing: Shopify Plus also carries marketing tools that are attractive options for B2B businesses. A dedicated marketing section includes emails and Google campaigns within the Shopify dashboard.
  • Insights: With Shopify Plus in place, you can have eCommerce analytics available to help you develop your strategy, evaluate results in real-time, collect accurate data, and create reports on sales activities.

A-List Of Shopify Plus B2B Features That Are Must-Have For Businesses 

Top brands like you are here just for the use of modern technology. Their motive is to sell products faster and gain a pleasant customer experience. Most of them are looking forward to a cost-effective yet efficient eCommerce platform to thrive. And that’s where Shopify Plus brings a new opportunity and empowers them with avant-garde features. So let’s discuss the Shopify Plus B2B features and their value for eCommerce brands.

  • Internationalization Feature: Retailers have to capture the potential global audience in this faster-paced competitive world. This is why business owners have to expand their horizons and create enhanced experiences for customers. Shopify Plus platform allows retailers to add up more than one or two stores, enabling business owners to sell in multiple currencies and languages via one login.
  • Fully Ready For B2B Businesses: Shopify Plus with a B2B feature gives wholesale buyers a chance to access the separate storefront. Buyers using this feature can easily view the pricing for bulk purchases and wholesale-only products. Also, the buyers can go with the B2B invoice for purchases with much ease.
  • Unlimited Number of Accounts: Shopify Plus, like an eCommerce platform, lets business owners plus multiple team members access the admin dashboard. The feature allows carrying out various operations simultaneously like managing new sales operations, updating product pages, managing orders, and more.
  • Omnichannel Capabilities: The omnichannel approach allows you to shop across various channels and attract potential customers. Such a feature of Shopify Plus will enable retailers to see their products on multiple social media.
  • Customizable & Faster Checkouts: The faster the checkouts are, the more conversions and purchasing are. Quick checkouts are the feature that Shopify Plus offers. It allows business owners to optimize their eCommerce websites for more speed and conversion. In addition, the platform comes with a fully customizable checkout process with a mobile-first design.

Some Of the Additional Shopify Plus B2B Features

  • Customized Pricing: A feature allows users to apply discounts on entire collections available in the store.
  • Order Processing: It delivers the customized invoice email allowing the bill to be paid via any payment method.
  • Automation: The feature helps automatically schedule sale events, introduce new products, and automatically change the themes.

Launch A Shopify Plus B2B eCommerce Platform Today!

It does not deny that Shopify Plus is the most powerful platform, especially for B2B newcomers. Because of the countless in-built capabilities and high-end features, the platform can serve the purpose of B2B businesses well. In this place, merchants also need dedicated B2B developers who can help build sales-yielding stores with Shopify plus B2B features. With a professional Shopify Plus Development Company, you can obtain high-quality products to run your B2B business as efficiently as possible. 

Shopify Plus B2B Features – Must-Haves to Flourish in eCommerce