Shop Hacker eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Freebie Bundle

Shop Hacker eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Freebie Bundle

Understanding eCommerce and Shop Hacker are partnering on this eLearning course bundle freebie promotion. The eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Course Bundle contains 22 courses and 50+ hours of course content. This exclusive bundle was created for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their eCommerce sales and marketing skillsets.

You can access the freebie bundle here.

Sales and marketing are crucial disciples to master when building your eCommerce business. How do you find products to sell? You secure products via your sales efforts. You prospect into dropship vendors and convince them to sell in your shop. How do you market your products and your shop? You need to master Facebook advertising, Search Engine Marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing in order to drive prospective customers to your sales pages. One of the hardest components of creating a profitable eCommerce business is the immense marketing efforts needed. eCommerce businesses are low margins which means you need that much more traffic to generate a material profit.

The eCommerce industry is only about 20 years old. eCommerce is less than 20% of all US retail. It is still early in the game. You have time to find your niche and build a profitable eCommerce business.

Here are 10 points we recommend you think about when launching your eCommerce business:

  1. Realize this is a long journey. Execute hard daily but think monthly and annually. Don’t give up.
  2. Pick a niche you are knowledgeable and passionate about.
  3. Leverage platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce to avoid large development costs.
  4. Pick 1-2 marketing channels and focus exclusively on those for 90 days hard.
  5. Set a small profit goal and build a plan around it. Making $1K in profit is harder than it sounds.
  6. Master traditional selling practices such as building a prospect list, connecting with prospects via email, executing sales calls, and closing vendor partnerships.
  7. Don’t get overly focused on social media marketing. If you want to do marketing activities on social focus on paid social advertising.
  8. Find 5 affiliates who are willing to post about your products on a regular basis.
  9. Traffic and revenue are more important than design and copy in the early stages.
  10. Outsource low-level tasks using virtual assistants where you can.

In coordination with eCommerce Lifestyle, Shop Hacker is also announcing the launch of the Shop Hacker Shopify App. This app helps Shopify eCommerce merchants build a better business by leveraging the eLearning course product category. This app allows any Shopify merchant to add 1000s of eLearning courses to their Shopify shop instantly. The app is free to use with no monthly subscription fee. eLearning is the future of education and with the Shop Hacker Shopify app, you can sell cutting edge courses on topics ranging from cybersecurity to iOS app development. These eLearning courses have high margins and are the perfect products for any entrepreneur looking for a simple catalog of products to launch their store with.

Here is a demo video of the Shop Hacker Shopify App:

eCommerce is one of the “easiest” online businesses to start and scale. Good luck on your journey. Enjoy the process and embrace the grind.

Shop Hacker eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Freebie Bundle

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