Seven Video Marketing Tips for Small eCommerce Brands

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Seven Video Marketing Tips for Small eCommerce Brands

As almost all brick-and-mortar businesses are turning to the online world, it can be challenging for the average e-commerce brand to strive. Technological advancements have proved that eCommerce is here to stay, and the revenue will be seen soaring by 2025 as per recent research. Consumers being tech-savvy, are pretty sensitive about the brand’s experience. Hence, eCommerce brands need to ensure that they serve every need of the client.

As an eCommerce brand owner, you have a whole business to run and manage, and marketing would be the last thing at the back of your mind. But marketing is one activity that should never stop, and it should be running 24*7 without fail.

Video Marketing Tips for Small eCommerce Brands

1. Make Landing Pages with Product Videos

The best part about product videos is that you can easily personalize them. For example, some significant personalized product videos include explainers, product tours, comparison videos, and tutorials. You can make any of them, depending on your target audience.

2. Customize Email Marketing

Almost everyone loves email marketing, especially when they see the click me option on their screens or even some meaningful content that stands out in the crowd. But that’s undoubtedly not enough to strive in the competitive market. As eCommerce brand owners, you will have to add videos or engaging pictures to email marketing. No doubt, not all emails need a video, but you must add a video to your emails in the event of a new product launch or any other seasonal campaign.

3. Allow Testimonials to Make the Hard Sell

Mr. Sam Singh, the founder of Printyo, with his decade of experience in the eCommerce industry, was quoted saying, “It can be challenging to market oneself, especially if one is a beginner in eCommerce. You need some bragging skills to develop a grand marketing strategy, especially if you are unique from your rivals. You can avail fantastic marketing perks by adding testimonials videos to your site.”

The best part is that these testimonials will work like social proof for your brand, which would enhance credibility and centaur products or services to a potential client’s needs.

4. Answer Questions to the Point

Transparency means a lot to your customers. You can quickly answer the client’s queries through FAQS, video tutorials, etc. You can post some videos on your product pages to explain how clients can use the product and include the videos in emails once the client buys that product. Hence sharing videos make it simple for people to solve their queries directly. Above all, it shows how much you care about your patrons.

5. Enhance Time On-Site

Several experts have found that posting videos can increase a brand’s time by at least 88%. It means the more robust the customer sticks, the more sales are likely to happen. In the marketing niche, it’s undoubtedly a win-win situation.

6. Make Shareable Videos, Especially For Social Media

All of us love being on social media, as this has now become an addiction. It means eCommerce tends to make an impression on all these significant channels, and social media is the biggest driver for eCommerce sales. Videos show the fantastic engagement on platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest- all places where eCommerce products can make an appearance.

Furthermore, videos tend to be posted organically on social media and retooled, especially for paid advertising for some platforms, including Facebook. If you want to get more value for your money, get your hands on splicing together pay-per-click ads from a product video or turning some tutorials into a sponsored Instagram story.

7. Develop a Personal Connection

You need to tell your clients about your origin or purpose, and it adds a lot more jazz when you add videos. You can use short clips talking about your business and correspond with any human-centered announcement, including partnerships.

The truth is, it is pretty crowded online, and robust video marketing techniques are mainly mission-critical to help your company thrive in the competitive market. Getting started with video marketing might seem challenging, but you can always learn and move ahead. Hence video marketing is going to stay here without a doubt.

Seven Video Marketing Tips for Small eCommerce Brands

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