Seven Essential and Free Google Tools for Marketing

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Google is a major source of marketing. However, considering Google as the only search engine source is a huge mistake with unbearable consequences for any business. This thinking process is for common people to think and share, not corporations.

Google Play Store is a prime example. By putting maximum effort into diving into its work, any online business can improve its standing. In other words, the ranking of a business through a mobile app in a week can easily be translated into:

  • Improved sales,
  • Visibility, and
  • Market dominance

Digital marketers can use Google tools for marketing and get countless benefits that Google offers and quicken up their marketing efforts. To help get maximum benefits from Google and use it to change your business’s fate, we have jotted down a list of the essential and the best Google marketing tools for marketers.

Free Google Tools for Marketing

Here is the list of Google marketing tools digital marketers are using to take businesses to the next level:

Google My Business

It is a free marketing tool by Google to market your business. All you need to do as a marketer is to claim a Google My Business listing for your client or business. Next, there are different chances for your business to get featured in the search results of Google.

Google Webmaster Tools

You can devise the best marketing strategy; however, even that strategy can’t deliver the results your website is built for! That’s where Google Webmaster Tools come into play.

The captioned tool offers you a deep insight into your site’s health and helps you keep your website up and running! Also, the Webmaster tool alerts digital marketers whenever red flags damage a site’s search visibility so that it can be resolved early on.

Google Analytics

One of the best tools by Google, Google Analytics, helps digital marketers analyze and understand web traffic. You can see the demographics of your website users and target specific campaigns accordingly.

In short and simple terms, Google Analytics is a tool that lets you grasp your target audience better, and half the job gets done when we talk about successful marketing campaigns.

Apart from demographics, digital marketers get to know:

  • New users’ locations,
  • The language they use,
  • Keywords they look for to increase their business, etc.

Whether the traffic is coming through desktop or mobile, Google Analytics always lets you know. This important information is essential to make your digital marketing campaign more targeted.

Google AdWords

If you are desperate to rank your keywords overnight and offer a kick start to your organic rankings in Google, Google AdWords may interest you the most compared to all Google marketing tools.

Google’s cost of pay-per-click (PPC) product, Google AdWords, aids marketers in generating keyword-specific ads. What you need to do is to compile a list of keywords that best describe your business and begin creating specified ads.

The CPC ads depend upon the specific keyword’s competition for which the ad is created. So, for example, search results for kids’ play tent house will differ from men’s watches.

In short, the higher the level of competitiveness, the higher the CPC will be.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a blessing for digital marketers. This Google tool gets first-hand information of relevant search phrases or keywords people use related to their businesses. In addition to keywords, marketers also obtain bid estimates based on the competitiveness of a particular keyword.

You can also know the keywords’ search volume you need to target. Thus, it can help you utilize your budget in a better way. However, the most significant part of Google Keyword Planner is showing long-tail keyword ideas for digital marketers, which are easier to rank and target.

You can use the tool to drive organic traffic and blow the ranking of your website. In addition, when uploading content for web pages and blogs, Google Keyword Planner proves helpful in researching and pinpointing which keywords to target. Hence, you end up improving the overall SEO ranking of your website.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another amazing Google marketing tool used to understand better what’s trending. Similarly, it helps you make smarter decisions when it comes to keywords.

Nothing comes closer to Google Trends as it provides insight into the popularity of particular terms. In addition, it offers you cognizance into the keywords’ popularity region-wise and thus helps you target your keywords better.

Google Trends also proves to help identify trending and new topics, which digital marketers can cash on. As a result, marketers are creating new opportunities through Google Trends.


Over 1 billion users consume thousands of hours of videos on YouTube.

This is enough evidence why marketers are using it as a marketing tool.

Marketers start by creating a business YouTube channel. This is followed by the publication of engaging, informative, and interesting videos, which billions of eyeballs remain ready to watch, especially gen Z.

YouTube videos can be embedded into the homepage, blog page, etc. Further, you can share the video content on social media platforms to gain maximum attention. In short, it’s an era of and as marketers; you need to put it on top priority while devising your video content strategy.

Seven Essential and Free Google Tools for Marketing

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