Setting up a Live Stream for your eCommerce Storefront

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Setting up a Live Stream for your eCommerce Storefront -

Businesses are hailing the success of live stream shopping as the new face of e-commerce. As live videos fetch 4x more viewership than regular videos, avid business enterprises are capitalizing upon the power of live streaming to create rich product portfolios and magnify brand awareness. And as the consumer preferences drift away from reading blogs and social media posts towards watching live videos, we’re all in for a safe bet.

The Rise of Live Commerce

Live stream shopping or Live Commerce gained true momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the physical stores were temporarily shut down and social distancing directives prevailed, consumers resorted to online shopping. Several social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram were already experimenting with live sales videos when players like Amazon Live amped up the game with shoppable live streams. Business enterprises across the globe grabbed this opportunity to digitally replicate the in-store shopping experience and capitalize on the power of human contact. Many resorted to professional live streaming services like OneStream Live to simultaneously multicast their live streams on several social media and the web. Today, even after the pandemic has somewhat subsided, there’s no looking back for live stream shopping.

Why Set up a Live Stream for your E-Commerce Storefront?

Live streams

  • offer real-time engagement opportunities that help companies to thrive
  • allow companies to bond with the customers and establish long-term relationships
  • aid businesses to respond to queries and concerns, and seek feedback in real-time
  • increase the average amount of time a user spends on a page
  • attract new potential customers with valuable content
  • are ranked by Google to determine search positioning
  • allow a better understanding of product features and usage
  • register better in the minds of the consumers as an information source
  • offer better click ratios

Ideas for E-Commerce Live Streams 

So, what exactly can you stream on your e-commerce storefront? Here are a few incredible ideas that will surely drive sales, we promise.

Product Launches

A sneak peek video about an upcoming product can create a buzz of excitement and generate great expectations amongst the consumers. Unveil your new products live and showcase their uniqueness to grab the audience’s attention. Hire a celebrity to do the unboxing or unveiling, and let them add the extra pinch of desire and likeability.

Promote a Sale

Use live streams to announce lucrative promotions and discount offers and encourage your viewers into impulsive buying. Add creative wording to entice the viewers to buy from the sale by creating additional FOMO (Fear-of-Missing-Out). Attention-seeking words like ‘Grab it before it’s gone, ‘You don’t want to miss out on this one, and ‘Last 24 hours to avail of the sale’ are bound to spark consumer sentiments.

BTS Marketing

Live streams are highly effective for BTS (Behind the Scenes) marketing. It’s a great gimmick to humanize your brand and add a personalized touch. Gain customer trust by showing the amount of labor (and love) you put in for crafting every individual product. Show your assembly line, share sneak peeks of upcoming products, or display how your team spends their happy hours – use BTS marketing to bond with your customers. Remember how J.Crew depicts the craftsmanship behind every cut on their products? That’s BTS marketing done right!

Contests and Giveaways

How about a quick real-time contest? Or a free giveaway, right from your storefront?

Engaging with your audience in real-time is always a win-win. They feel noticed; they feel valued. Host virtual contests and competitions and encourage everyone to participate for a chance to win something special from your product catalog, a special discount voucher, or simply a free giveaway from your newly launched product line.

Product Demos & Tutorials

We know nobody reads product manuals, don’t we! But, everyone’s in for a quick video walk-through. So, if you’re selling some sophisticated gadgets or all-new unique products, your customers will be glad to learn about them. Share the features and functionalities of your products and demonstrate how to assemble and use them practically. 

Influencer Marketing

Better yet, invite a celebrity to endorse your products. Many people will buy MAC because Lalisa Manobal is the beauty icon promoting it. Collaborate with influencers to review your products or share unboxing videos. Influencer marketing is the best example of driving value from user-generated content and is increasingly becoming a frontline e-commerce strategy. Testimonials help build trust and credibility, and that’s what live stream shopping is all about.

Final Takeaway

As live commerce takes to the forefront of the digital shopping experience, setting up a live stream will take your e-commerce storefront to the next level. Leverage it to create a compelling shopping experience by bringing the store closer to the customers in a way that feels engaging, creating better access for all. Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to keep your customers coming back for more.

Setting up a Live Stream for your eCommerce Storefront

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