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Want To Make Your Music Discoverable In 2021? Try SEO For Musicians

It has always been your dream to make it big as a musician. You were always that kid who would perform at family events. You would like to forget some of them, but the videos are there for everyone to see.

Now, you finally have a chance to make your dream come true. Spending hours in the studio is something you look forward to. The hard work is paying off because you have already released some of your singles. But, your music is not visible in the digital space.

You can change what is happening to your career right now. We will show you how to make your music more discoverable in 2021 with SEO for Musicians. Let the music begin! 

SEO Tips For Musicians 

There are many ways to create visibility in the market. You could opt to advertise or even offer to play for free at local gigs. Taking advantage of free music promotions through social media platforms and some producers who organize events to give you some exposure. You can also take advantage of the digital space’s vast opportunities with the proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

1. You Need A Website 

Do you have a website? If not, it is time to get one. You have two options. 

The first is to use the free website builders to set up your own. Some of them promise that you don’t even need technical knowledge to use them. 

The prompts are easy to follow, and you can get some fantastic tutorials online. In addition, there are tons of themes and templates that you can customize as you wish. 

But, unless you have some knowledge, it may not be that easy. Marketing language can sometimes be somewhat deceptive.  

Option two is to hire a web designer. Again, you have the advantage of benefiting from their expertise. However, several factors may impact your visibility on the search engines. 

  • Slow page loading speeds. It is essential to choose the right web host provider. The provider should give you sufficient bandwidth to handle the traffic to your website. Choose one that offers excellent customer support. You cannot afford to experience any downtime. 
  • The designers must ensure they optimize the site for mobile. Your fans will want to access your music wherever they are. They should have the same pleasant user experience as they would if using desktop devices. 
  • The site should be easy to navigate and responsive.
  • Optimize images to reduce the file size. Heavy images consume a lot of bandwidth and will slow down the page loading speed.  

Google takes some of the issues above very seriously. As a result, you can attract penalties, which will result in low rankings on the search engines.  

2. Use The Right Keywords And Quality Content 

You have a fantastic opportunity to use content to reach your fans. When developing such, focus on optimizing with the right keywords. Determine what words your audience uses in search queries. 

You can only do this by understanding your fans, which will require some research. Next, use tools like the Google Keyword Planner to research the best keywords. 

Both long and short-tail keywords are essential. Find variations of the keywords and be strategic about their use. Avoid keyword stuffing to make your content digestible.  

Include the keywords in headers, titles, and Meta descriptions. The same should apply to any images you use. You increase the chances of the search crawlers finding you.   

3. Research Your Competitors And Utilize Local SEO 

There must be those musicians you look up to. It pays to know what they do to create awareness. See the platforms they use and how they interact with their audiences. 

Please do the same for their keyword use. You get a lot of information that can help you gain the visibility you need.  

Do not be surprised to find some of your competitors in the local directories. Local SEO is powerful if you want people in your geographical location to know about you. 

Many successful musicians started their careers by playing in local gigs. As a result, you can never be sure who is sitting in the crowd at any one time. 

Create profiles in Google My Business and the local directories. Include all the relevant details so that you are easy to find.  

4. Build Your Authority In The Industry And Utilize Social Media 

Become the go-to source for all news around music. Use your power of research to get fantastic content. Be consistent and relevant by understanding precisely what fans want and give it to them. Link building to high-authority websites will also provide you with visibility. 

You cannot ignore the importance of social media. As a musician, you probably have accounts on most of the platforms.  But start by understanding exactly where your audiences are. No use spreading yourself everywhere if your fans are not on all of them.  

Link the sites to your website. It provides a fantastic opportunity to build organic audiences. Join relevant networking groups and be active in them. Actively engage with your audiences and encourage them to subscribe, share, comment, and like.  

Social media platforms are great for promotions. Share your new music and encourage your fans to download, subscribe and share. Encourage feedback, but develop a thick skin. Some people may not like every single song you put out. 

Accept criticism and address it maturely. However, aggressive or angry feedback may ignite a fire you will not have a chance to put out.  

5. Run Relevant Tests

Keep track of the performance of your website by running tests using the right tools. Google Analytics, for example, will give you critical insights into audience behavior. Where do they come from, and how do they interact with your content. What content do they engage with the most, and much more? 

Google Page Speeds will give you insights into the page loading speeds. Other tests include Keyword Rank Checker, A/B testing, mobile speed tests, to name a few. With the right insights, you can make the relevant adjustments. 

Final Thoughts

Looking for ways to make your music more discoverable in 2021? Use our SEO tips above and watch your career take off. 

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