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SEO Sunnyvale - Local SEO Packages

Our SEO Sunnyvale Services 

  • Initial Site Audit – We begin every engagement with a thorough analysis of your existing site.
  • Buyer Personas & Messaging – We work with you to identify target markets and buyer personas for your products or services. Based on these personas, we develop messaging that resonates with your target audience and conveys your value proposition.
  • Competitor/Industry Research – Before we can develop your strategy, we need to understand the market. What are your competitors doing? How often are they posting? What keywords are they using? Paid or organic? Which social media channels are they using?
  • Keyword Research – The key to every successful SEO campaign – keyword research. We choose keywords that competitive to deliver real results and leads.
  • Content Creation – We develop and optimize content that is industry-friendly, first and foremost. Then we optimize it for search. Whitepapers, blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, videos, and podcasts – depending on your audience. All of our content is developed by native speakers in English, Spanish or German. We work with your team to create content that resonates with your prospective clients.
  • On-Site Optimization – Using AI and other digital tools, we can optimize your site for the greatest visibility success.
  • Link Building – Link building accounts for a significant portion of your search engine visibility. We focus on clean, white-hat link-building strategies for your business.
  • Focus Pages – the pages on your site that are essential to rank. Your top 3-5 pages.
  • Ongoing Reporting – Peter Drucker said, “If it’s important, measure it.” Our SEO reports are tailored towards your unique set of key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Local SEO Packages - Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Success

SEO Sunnyvale – Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Success

Our goal is to increase your visibility through organic search. 70-80% of people ignore paid search results, choosing to only click on organic search results. We ensure your site is properly set up, responsive, and mobile-friendly – nearly 60 percent of all Online Searches are now carried out on a mobile device, with some sectors (Food and Beverage) reaching 72 percent. We only use “White-Hat” strategies to ensure that a quick fix doesn’t result in a Google penalty down the road.

What is a typical Digital Marketing Budget?

  • 40% organic search (SEO) increasing to 60% if the focus is local.
  • 20% paid search (Google Ads)
  • 30% social media (paid + organic)
  • 10% email marketing

For example – $1.0M in annual sales = $50K for Digital Marketing Budget or $4,000 a monthly allocation for digital marketing.

In the end, it all comes down to Return on Investment (ROI). Is the money you are spending creating greater visibility resulting in more leads and, ultimately, paying customers? It is not about being #1 on Google; it’s about making your business a success.

The success of Understanding eCommerce is directly connected to the success of our clients.

SEO Sunnyvale – Local SEO Packages

Local SEO Packages – Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Success