SEO, SMM, and Adwords: How to combine these channels to make your business work
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SEO, SMM, and Adwords: How to combine these channels to make your business work

Here you will learn how to combine four (not three) of the most powerful online tools at your disposal. Not only that, but you will also learn how to generate conversion-ready traffic. Learn how to create a healthy, strong and powerful online campaign using SEO, SMM, Adwords, and target audience understanding. This article assumes that your business wishes to sell to a consumer or make conversions in some way with your website.

Slot Jigsaw Piece into Place

There are four elements that you need concern yourself with. They are social media marketing, affiliate advertising, understanding your target audience, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Each element covers a hole or flaw in one or more of the other elements. Where one falls short or underperforms, and the other picks up the slack. Sure, there are instances where one outperforms all, but you would be foolish to rely on it, especially if you are running a business and looking to sell something.

Affiliate Advertising (With Google Adwords)

Using Google Adwords, you are able to place adverts on the Google network and on the Google search engine results. Using affiliate advertising allows you to bid for traffic with a fair amount of control over your targeting.

  1. Affiliate Advertising Plugs the Hole in Your Target Audience Understanding. After around a month of having your adverts running, you will see which keywords generated clicks. It helps teach you what your target audience is searching for, especially if they convert thanks to their clicks.
  2. Affiliate Advertising Plugs the Hole in Your SEO (not keyword related SEO!) It doesn’t help you come up with keywords for your website. Forget any keywords that do not appear organically in your content. Affiliate advertising plugs the hole in your SEO because it allows you to draw in traffic that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to attract with your website, especially if you own a local business that makes money from offline visitors.
  3. Affiliate Advertising Plugs the Hole in Your Social Media Marketing, There are some issues you cannot advertise on social media, there are some people you cannot reach, and there are some keywords you cannot chase. Affiliate advertising offers an alternative solution.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your SEO helps draw people towards your website. Getting to the top of the Google search engine results is not as important as it used to be thanks to the many apps, spiders, and programs that use the Google index. Nevertheless, being near the first page is still a bonus.

  1. SEO Plugs the Hole in Your Affiliate Advertising. Some keywords are expensive to chase with affiliate advertising, and some do not generate sufficient clicks. On the other hand, such keywords may have little competition on Google, especially long-tailed keywords, so you may chase them with your search engine optimization efforts rather than with your affiliate advertising.
  2. SEO Plugs the Hole in Your Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is a short-term thing. It generates traffic for a very short space of time. SEO is a long-term tool that generates traffic in the middle-to-long term.
  3. SEO Doesn’t Plug the Hole in Your Target Audience Understanding. It is very little you can learn from your on-page and off-page SEO with regards to your target audience. People that are experts at SEO analytics may beg to differ, but there are so many variables that there is no way to know for sure why your search engine visitors decided to visit beyond their desire to find you or your product.

Speaking of web page analytics, we have an article called, 3 Ways to Gather Actionable Insights from Google Analytics to Inform Your Marketing Plan” that may interest you. Our 9 Common Web Analytics Mistakes may also provide some valuable insights.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Brand building, relationship building, reputation building, and public relations may be undertaken on social media. Some people also use it to generate traffic, which is fair enough, but not frightfully efficient in the long term.

  1. Social Media Marketing Plugs the Hole in Your SEO. It may take weeks and months for your SEO to start generating traffic, whereas a social media post can potentially generate traffic in less than a minute. It may also help you reach potential customers that don’t typically use search engines to find certain products.
  2. Social Media Marketing Plugs the Hole in Your Affiliate Advertising. Social media marketing is not free because it uses (and wastes) productive time. However, your affiliate advertising does very little to help you build your online reputation and brand. Plus, affiliate advertising has little effect on your public relations. Social media may plug these gaps if you sufficiently understand your target audience.
  3. Social Media Marketing Plugs the Hole in Your Target Audience Understanding. You are going to learn things about your target audience by the way they act on social media. Beware of taking criticism and negative comments too seriously, and beware of being bullied into keeping quiet. For example, if you went on social media right now and claimed that God is real, that Trump is a visionary, or that smoking only harms 1-out-of-3 people, you would receive heaps of scorn and bullying.

The people that bully and are negative are not your target audience! The people that are your target audience are probably remaining silent because they are afraid of the same bullying. In this case, your target audience would be people that are open-minded enough to accept there may be a creator, people that want to keep America powerful, and people that understand empirical evidence and see happy and healthy people smoking that have never had a day’s illness in their lives. In summation, social media “can” teach you about your target audience, just make sure you learn the right lessons.

Target Audience Understanding

The only people that matter to you are the people that are going to buy your goods or services. All other individuals do not matter. This doesn’t mean you should purposefully upset other people, but it does mean you can ignore their whining, negative comments, and criticisms. It also means you can alienate other people if you wish, so long as your target audience is being pandered to.

Target audience understanding powers all your efforts. If you do not understand your target audience, then most of your social media efforts will be misfires. Building traffic numbers, building your brand, and building your online reputation with social media is pointless if you don’t understand your target audience.

Your SEO is based on what Google thinks is the most useful for your target audience. If you do not understand your own audience, then your website/campaign decisions will prompt Google to send the wrong people to your website.

If you do not understand your target audience, then you will waste money with affiliate advertising while you bid for traffic that will not convert, and while you create adverts that will not attract the right people. If you do not understand your target audience, then your whole campaign will fall flat.

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SEO, SMM, and Adwords: How to combine these channels to make your business work

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