SEO for Amazon: 5 Effective Tips to Boost Product Sales

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SEO raises brand awareness and increases traffic and conversions. There’s no arguing that SEO is crucial for eCommerce today.

When people hear SEO, they usually think of Google. About 90% of desktop searches are still on Google’s search engine.

Yet, for online shopping, Amazon has been gaining more popularity. In fact, 2/3 of American shoppers use Amazon to start their search for new products. This means SEO for Amazon is essential for an eCommerce business’s success.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how it works and how you can boost it. Read on because here are 5 tips to boost your product sales using Amazon SEO.

How SEO for Amazon Works

It’s important to note that Amazon SEO works differently from Google’s. This is due to the consumers’ different search intents.

Many of the searches people do on Google are informational searches. They’re usually a part of generic search intent. The difference between “how does X work” and “where to buy X” is clear for eCommerce.

What you’re looking for as an online retailer is specific purchase intent. You can leverage this to sell more of your products online.

As an eCommerce platform, almost every search on Amazon is transactional. This is why Amazon prioritizes displaying products that are more likely to sell.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm focuses on 2 factors: relevance and performance. Relevance bases on how your keywords match the search query. Performance bases on how well your products sell.

When customers search for products on Amazon, they’ll find your products if their queries match your keywords. Coupled with the algorithm’s focus, keyword selection can be a challenge.

For your products to rank, it’s not enough to choose the right keywords. You must also offer products that customers want or need.

5 Tips for Improving Your Amazon SEO and Boosting Sales

Better Amazon rankings mean your audience is more likely to find your products. You can consult experts on Amazon sales and marketing to help you find the right strategy. Aside from that, here are a few tips to help you boost your sales with Amazon SEO:

1. Do Keyword Research

If you’re familiar with SEO, you might already know about keyword research. For Amazon SEO keywords, research will have more buyer-focused elements.

Like in traditional SEO, focusing on long-tail keywords is what you need. People use long-tail keywords when searching for products on Amazon. These keywords contain three or more words.

Including all relevant keywords is important. This helps more interested leads to find your product listings. Excluding any relevant keywords means missing out on potential leads.

Using SEO tools can help you find the right keywords. Keyword research tools can focus on specific keywords used on Amazon. You’ll be able to see the search volume for every keyword and allow you to focus on relevant ones.

Once your selection of keywords is complete, integrate them into your product listings. Use them in your product titles and descriptions. This helps your products rank in search results.

2. Optimize Your Product Details

Amazon’s product details page lets you highlight your product’s benefits. It’s also here where using relevant keywords is important.

For the description, make sure it’s readable, natural, and persuasive. The same applies to the bullet points. Make sure it’s quick and easy to read for the customers.

Since bullet points are easy to scan, customers will focus their attention on this area. You’ll also need to prepare answers to potential customers’ essential questions.

Provide a brief description of your product’s features, specs, benefits, and how your product is different. Include the relevant keywords naturally. This will add value to each brief information about your product.

However, don’t fill the product description with too many keywords. Overloading this section with keywords is actually detrimental to your SEO for Amazon. Amazon tags this as “keyword stuffing” and sees it as an attempt to manipulate rankings.

3. Use Amazon’s Native Advertising Tools

Use Amazon Advertising to boost your products’ visibility and your brand recognition. This built-in tool enables you to advertise your products on Amazon. You can also advertise in Google search results.

Before buying a product, over 60% of consumers click on pay-per-click ads. This means the search results page is an important promotion channel.

Amazon Advertising includes several advertising options. There are Headline search ads for ads that appear on top of the Amazon search results. Sponsored Products are ads that usually show up above or below the SERP.

You can also use Sponsored Display, which drives customers to your page. These are display ads that show up on the right or bottom of Amazon’s search results. They’re based on similar interests or previously viewed products.

4. Keep Your Price Level Competitive

When consumers compare products, pricing is an important factor. They’re looking for the best product that will cost them the least amount of money. This means you need to look at your competitors’ pricing when posting your own products on Amazon.

For example, take a product you have that’s priced at $90. If your competitors offer a similar product priced at $20-30, it will be a blow to your Amazon SEO.

Since customers will choose a cheaper product, you won’t sell as much as your competitors. Your products won’t rank because it’s too expensive. Check your competitors’ pricing and set your price at competitive levels.

5. Use High-Quality Images

When it comes to images, quality trumps quantity. Your images serve to draw attention and make your product tangible to customers.

Make sure to show the different angles of your product. Add images that showcase its features and highlight important details. Show the product in action with relevant scenarios.

Consider what your customers need to see to help them make a decision. Your images must remove doubts. You’ll want the customer to picture how your product will benefit them.

Improve Your SEO for Amazon

For eCommerce businesses, SEO is crucial to selling their products. If you’re an online retailer on Amazon, optimizing your SEO for Amazon will be key to boosting sales.

Better Amazon rankings mean increased product and brand visibility. Use Amazon SEO tools to improve your SEO.

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SEO for Amazon: 5 Effective Tips to Boost Product Sales

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