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The entry of E-commerce is a gateway to make your business bigger and better. It opens a door for all the activities, whether big or small, to approach a whole new audience with a wide variety and contrasting views.

How is SEO related to eCommerce marketing?

One of the significant factors which affect e-commerce marketing is Search Engine Optimization. It is the SEO that brings more traffic to your website and increases its ranking. This makes your website more visible to people.

Keyword and SEO: Equally Proportional

The content for a website cannot just be written without thorough research on it. It must be SEO-optimized, where keywords are highly essential. These keywords will generate more visibility and attract customers who would stick around long enough to become loyal customers. 

Keyword search is something that a person types in the Google search bar. If your web content has those keywords, it will eventually pop up first, and hence you will have good traffic.

Did you know?

In the US, 71% of the people use online search engines to find out about new brands, products, and services as per the latest data from Forrester.

This shows that if your business is not online, it’s high time you can bring it online for better sales. 

Below we have mentioned several areas where you need to pay attention to for better E-commerce SEO.

1. The keyword is the Key

Do you want to rank on the first page? Great! But make sure you rank for the right results, or else it will all go in vain. Therefore, understanding your keywords is essential. 

  • Do your keyword research right before writing the web content. 
  • Broad keywords are way more complex and competitive as compared to any other keyword. 
  • It is said that it can even take up to months or more for them to rank. 
  • Also, for better understanding, see which keywords your competitors are bidding on and get a clear idea of where to start correctly. 

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are the ones that generate 70% of the traffic on your website, according to Moz.

long-tail keywords

2. High-quality content

High-quality content can make all the difference to your website ranking. Once you have high-quality content that starts your ranking for targeted keywords, you can focus on incorporating SEO.

  • Content brings clarity. 
  • Your content needs to be extremely informational and unique. 
  • Interacting with your audience can be very beneficial. For successful rankings, proactively communicating and answering your customers’ questions are very important. 

This can be done by simultaneously using keyword research to structure topics that will answer the questions asked by your customer. 



Content marketing is much more engaging; your customer feels enticed by the content and ends up spending more time with your brand. The customer experiences familiarity and closeness.

3. A Structure

Organizing your content correctly is indispensable. If your content is not structured correctly, the customer will not like it. 

  • The content need not be scattered all over the place. 
  • When a search engine is crawling your website, they always prefer structured content. This means a flow must be maintained where the top priority content is mentioned initially, and then everything flows. 
  • Additional to this, including links that redirect to product pages or categories is very important.  

One important factor while doing eCommerce SEO is that a site should not have more than three levels deep for navigating the site. If you add more, then you end up losing sales because of poor navigation. 

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4. Technical SEO

Focusing on the technicalities is also something you should pay attention to. Many technical problems could be faced, such as slow speeds, broken links, etc. These can be overcome through various methods, and one of the most popular ways is crawling software. 

  • There are pl such software present out there which provide you the necessary service and if you opt to pay more than different advanced features can be used. It all depends on your requirements, budget, and what exactly you need.  
  • Crawling will go through your website thoroughly and bring out all the technical malfunctions such as missing images, slow speed, a broken link, and even harmful quality content. 
  • You can make use of this advantage and modify your website for a better user experience.

For an e-commerce site, SEO can contribute to good sales and better discoverability of your services, products, and your brand in general. If your competitors are doing better and have higher rankings, they are doing precisely what is described in this article.


It will not be easier at first, but with hard work and investment in time, you will improve your rankings, and there is always enough room for everyone. Optimize your site in such a way that it gives your customer a reason to come back again and again.

SEO: Boost Your eCommerce Business

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