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Secrets to Creating Content

Secrets to Creating Content: Powerful Tools that will Help You in Your Content

We live in a modern age where marketing does more than just presenting facts through print ads and flyers. Online content marketing has become an essential marketing strategy. This way, customers are able to grasp the services or products you are trying to convey by reading up on the internet via social media and search engines.

A strong marketing strategy often involves the creation of engaging and up to date content in a consistent manner. Hence, it is important to make online content as seamless and as informative as possible. This way, you do not only increase your online traffic, but you also establish yourself as an authority in your field in the industry.

Secrets to Creating Content


Creating content could be a tall order, but using the right tools could maximize your productivity, allowing you to generate excellent and remarkable content for your target audience. Here are several powerful tools that will help you create an engaging yet comprehensive online content.


Readable could be an essential tool that cuts out the clutters of your content so that it could grab a viewer’s attention better. It is able to measure the readability of your text by providing text analytics, scores, and sentiment analysis. It also includes perks that would allow you to refine your content. This way, you not do not only improve as a content creator, but you also help generate more views for your article.

Link: https://readable.io/


Feedly is an application complies news feeds that are related your industry from various online sources, giving you a list of possible content ideas that will accelerate your marketing, research, and sales. The application delves into particular articles that might interest you so that you could organize your content easily. Optimized for productivity, this is an essential tool for those who are starting out.

Link: https://feedly.com/


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Grammarly is an online grammar checker that immediately marks and removes grammatical errors in your content. Aside from grammar, it is also able to identify the mistakes in sentence structure, contextual spelling punctuation, and style. Grammarly also includes a plagiarism-detection feature that would determine whether your content has unoriginal text present. For a better material, you could also avail of a professional proofreading feature. These perks help you create content much better.

Link: http://grammarly.com/


Curata is an essential tool that could help you curate, plan, and measure the impact of your online content. It employs several software tools such as powerful analytics and editorial calendar, enabling content creators and marketers to optimize their content. It also analyzes and shows the outcome of your efforts, giving you essential information that could help make your content better.

Link: http://curata.com


BuzzSumo is another essential tool to improve your content. It employs analytics to identify trending topics that could be used in crafting your content. You could filter the most popular topics that could be related to your industry, giving you an idea of which items would most likely trend. You may have to enter essential keywords into a search box to find some of the most popular titles on the web. This way, you could quickly identify what you should be writing about.

Link: http://buzzsumo.com

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator allows users to identify ideas to write about quickly. Basically, you will only have to fill three keywords that you wish to write about in the designated fields. The platform will come up with relevant titles that will evidently be connected to your industry. If you avail of a Hubspot subscription, you will be provided with sufficient topics that will last you a year.

Link: https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator

SEO Book

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SEO Book is an essential tool for creators in ensuring that their content meets the standards of search engine optimization (SEO). By ensuring that your content reaches SEO standards, you are guaranteed that a broader audience will view your content. SEO Book offers various tools that could help you with your content. It includes analytics tools, keyword research, and link analysis. Members could also avail of features such as domain keyword tool and keyword list comparison.

Link: http://www.seobook.com/

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an application that could help content creators in improving their manner of writing. This is a proofreading tool for writers that identifies the grammatical errors of your content through various marks. It could also determine the readability level of your content, allowing you to improve your sentence structure and grammar. Moreover, Hemingway Editor provides writers with an approximate reading time and the number of letters, characters, and words, among others.

Link: http://www.hemingwayapp.com


After successfully creating your contents based on the tips and tools that were presented above, it is essential to place them on a platform that would allow readers to engage with your content. A blog site, for example, is an excellent space to put your material. It is worth noting that an engaging blog does not only attract visitors due to the content but also due to its design. This way, you could communicate what you are trying to convey to your audience better. To know more about the rules in creating a beautiful blog, you may visit this link.

Creating content requires effort and a tinge of creativity to be able to communicate well with potential customers. With the help of the useful tools presented above, you could quickly generate content that would surely persuade readers to stay on your page.

Secrets to Creating Content

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