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Team DeZerega is committed to providing clients with consistently exceptional service. With a wide range of real estate experience, our dynamic team is able to make things happen. Our background in the business spans from property management to real estate development and beyond. Yet, the core business and strength of the team is working effectively with all types of people to buy and sell homes; facilitating our clients, in any situation, to realize their dreams.

By working collaboratively as a team we are able to utilize our respective strengths and offer unparalleled service to our clients. With our deep ties to realtors throughout the bay area, we have built significant relationships within the real estate community. These relationships often serve our clients, allowing us an extra opportunity to ratify contracts, solve problems, and close deals.

We have a proven track record in giving our clients the highest level of service at every step of a real estate transaction. Whether it’s finding the right property, marketing a home, negotiating a contract, or navigating an escrow, our clients know that they can depend on us to deliver results.

Team DeZerega: Delivering Consistently Exceptional Results


San Francisco Real Estate SellingSF

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