Sample PMP Test Questions – February 1, 2021 – Project Management Training

Although the PMBOK has not been updated, the new PMP test is here and has a different approach. There is more of an emphasis on the three Domains, which are “People,” “Process,” and “Business Environment.” Also, it is expected that about half of the questions will be based on the predictive project management approach, while the other half will be based on agile and hybrid approaches. Therefore, take as many sample questions as you can before the exam since this will train you to interpret questions, find the best solution promptly, and spot the “traps” found in so many PMP test questions. To that end, we will issue free weekly sample test questions to help you prepare for the PMP Exam.

Sample PMP Test Questions

Sample PMP Test Questions – February 1, 2021 – Project Management Training

Following are five sample exam questions to test your knowledge and test-taking skills. The answers are provided at the bottom:


You are the project manager of a time-sensitive project. Currently, there are several bottlenecks with the work in progress, which threaten your product’s delivery dates. One of the team members suggests using the Kanban method to track work. The correct order for the workflow in Kanban is as follows:

    • Develop and Unit Test, System Test, Dev-Done, Done, Ready
    • Ready, Develop and Unit Test, Dev-Done, System Test, Done
    • Develop and Unit Test, Ready, Dev-Done, System Test, Done
    • Ready, Develop and Unit Test, Dev-Done, Done, Ready

As the new project manager on an agile project, your role as a servant leader is to lead through service to the team, developing the team, and garnering the highest performance possible from your team. Therefore, one of your main goals is to;

    • Ensure that you follow the best agile process
    • Limit input to the management team to avoid confusion
    • Place your focus primarily on the results.
    • Ensure all work is included and not just the high-priority items

Your sponsor has informed you that the client is concerned about the quality level of the recent deliverables she received. You review the client’s comments and meet with your team to address them. According to the quality assurance process, one team member informs you that there is an unacceptable amount of product defects in the deliverables produced. Therefore, you decide to review the quality management plan to make appropriate corrections. The deliverables are an Output of which process.

    • Monitor and Control Project Work
    • Control Quality
    • Verify deliverables
    • Direct and Manage Project Work

The sponsor informs you that the company’s board of directors wants to explore opening a new office overseas. You have also been informed that you will be the project manager of this internal project and hands you a series of notes provide by the board, including the timeframe, available budget to explore the feasibility, and some high-level risks associated with such an endeavor. The first task you should address is:

    • Develop the Project Charter
    • Address risks and prepare responses
    • Develop the Project Management Plan
    • Verify the budget provided to determine if it is sufficient to start the work

 After much deliberation, your company decides that the ERP project assigned to you should use a hybrid approach, including predictive and agile methodology, to address some bottleneck issues, such as a rigid work structure. They decide to develop a more cross-functional team that can work on various parts of the project and not just one specific type. This approach is known as:

    •  Overcoming Functional Silos
    • Hybrid Structured Team
    • Matrix Organization
    • Divisional Structure


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  2. c: page 33 of the Agile Practice Guide
  3. d: figure 4.6 PMBOK
  4. a: Section 4.1 of the PMBOK 6th Edition, which is the first step in initiating any project. Options b, c, and d are premature at this stage
  5. a: Section 4.3.7 of the Agile Project Guide (page 47.)

Sample PMP Test Questions – February 1, 2021

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