Sample PMP Exam Prep Questions – Week of Dec 14, 2021

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Although the PMBOK has not been updated, the new PMP test has a different approach. There is more of an emphasis on the three Domains, which are “People,” “Process,” and “Business Environment.” Also, it is expected that about half of the questions will be based on the predictive project management approach, while the other half will be based on agile and hybrid approaches. Therefore, take as many sample questions as you can before the exam since this will train you to interpret questions, find the best solution promptly, and spot the “traps” found in so many PMP test questions. To that end, we will issue free weekly Sample PMP Exam Prep Questions to help you prepare for the PMP Exam.

Sample PMP Exam Prep Questions – Week of Dec 14, 2021

Sample PMP Exam Prep Questions – Week of December 14, 2021

Following are five sample exam questions to test your knowledge and test-taking skills. The answers are provided below:


The framework that emphasizes constantly driven delivery, as well as the principles of delivery on time, collaboration, and iterative development, among others, is known as

  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dynamic Systems Development

Agile teams focus on rapid product development to obtain feedback. To that end, they have specific roles that need to be filled by the team to achieve project success. Which of the following is not commonly utilized agile role:

  • Subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Cross-functional team members
  • Product owner
  • Team facilitator

Which of the following are elements of a Predictive Life Cycle:

  • Analyze, Analyze/Design, Build/Test and Deliver
  • Analyze, Design, Build, Test, and Deliver
  • Analyze, Design, Build/Test, and Deliver
  • Analyze, Conceptualize, Design, Build, Test, Deliver 

You have been hired to perform an organizational analysis for a company interested in improving its internal systems. And although you will need to perform an extensive research project, would you utilize the following tasks first?

  • Review the organization’s organizational process assets (OPAs)
  • Analyze the enterprise environmental assets (EEFs) impacting the organization
  • Meet in person with senior management, the various teams, and other relevant stakeholders
  • Analyze recent lessons learned reports to determine which organizational activities are working and which are not.

After much deliberation, you and your client have agreed to use an Agile Methodology for their project. Therefore, you plan to use all appropriate tools, including change management, crucial in obtaining project success. The two key factors that incur change management on an agile project are changes associated with:

  • Quality and product delivery demands
  • Scope revisions due to budgetary constraints
  • Effects of inefficient Scrum procedures
  • Accelerated delivery and agile approaches

Sample PMP Exam Prep Questions

PMP Exam Prep


  1. Answer d: section A3.8, page 110 of the Agile Practice Guide.
  2. Answer a: section 4.3.2, page 40 of the Agile Practice Guide
  3. Answer b: Figure 3.2, page 21 of the Agile Practice Guide
  4. Answer c: interactive, face-to-face communication is the preferred model; page 76 of the Agile Practice Guide
  5. Answer d: section 6.1.1, page 73 of the Agile Practice Guide

Sample PMP Exam Prep Questions – Week of Dec 14, 2021

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