Rockin Your 2018 SEO Goals

2017 is gone and 2018 has commenced, are you ready with your goals, plans, and resolutions for the New Year? With every passing year, technology transforms and reforms offering new things and so does SEO. Yes, even SEO changes perpetually every year.

Creating a marketing strategy is full of pep but without a strategy in place how can we expect to achieve our goals? It is very important to plan and strategize the goals at the start of the year and how you want to achieve them? Whether you are marketing yourself or hiring a digital marketing services company, setting the goals is very important.

SEO practices that once dominated the market are history now and new things are flowing in. Google’s algorithm itself changes within months and hence we have to keep our SEO strategy up to date. If you don’t have an SEO strategy yet, it’s high time to create one. Following are some tips to help you set and achieve your SEO goals for 2018.

What do I want to pursue?

Define what is it that you SEO goals you want to accomplish by the end of 2018? Analyze what the trends will be in SEO for 2018 and how to bring yourself in-line with those trends.

Once you have defined the goals, then you can decide on the energetic strategy needed to achieve it.

Turn the tables on 2017:

This is an important step to successfully achieve your future goals i.e. by analyzing past good and bad experiences (both). What was your strategy for SEO in 2017 and how much had you achieved? Analyze the good and bad practices and what are the modifications needed to succeed in this year?

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Collect data from your web analytics, Google search Console, ranking tools etc to figure out your SEO performance. You can also create a data and/or graphical presentation of the achievements and mistakes of 2017.

Once you have documented the 2017 performance, it will be a duck soup to plan for 2018.

Scrutinize Keywords:

Keyword-based search defines the patterns that real people search for.  These patterns can help you determine the areas that are most searched for. The extent to which your website content can meet the demand more ideally as compared to your competitors will define your natural search performance.

You can use keyword tools or Google Keyword Planner to perceive what people search for to find the relevant products or services. Along with this also look for the keywords that people search for to find your products and services, the questions that they have about your products.

Tracking your SERP ranking:

One of the targets for every SEO professional is to attain and maintain a high traffic to the website. In principle, this would happen when your website is listed on the top of a search engine results page. Not only reaching the top position but also maintaining that position is equally important.

Today when we look at the SERP there’s not only a web link but also link to the video, social media, reviews, images etc sort of widgets, unlike the good olden days when it was a simple blue colored link.

With the help of tools like Rank Tracker, you can review your rankings of the 2017 year, document it and then chalk out a plan for bringing it up in 2018.

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The mobile dominance:

Compared to 2017, the mobile will be even more dominant this year. Google has already made ‘mobile friendliness’ as a ranking criterion and hence it is not an option now to keep your website mobile friendly but rather a pinch.

The volume of people browsing websites on mobile is much higher than the ones browsing on the traditional desktops and laptops. You may have already heard of voice search like ‘Ok Google’; with new devices flooding the market, this feature is going to be rectified. Hence you need to even lay a plan for voice-based searching and how your SEO can be refined for this. 

Define your SEO strategy:

Start analyzing the data and identify the areas that can be opportunistic for your SEO growth. Now that you have the analysis of 2017 done, the trends for 2018 collected and the current state defined, it is time to plan your strategy to achieve your goal.

In your keyword-based search, are people searching for a certain product that you sell? Is the keyword(s) sound with the pages generating traffic? If not, there is the opportunity window. Are people asking questions frequently about your products or services? If yes, here’s your opportunity.

Tail End:

Clear the decks for the 2017 performance experience, current opportunities and your goals to achieve your SEO objective set for 2018. There are companies and individuals who can help you increase your SEO but if budget is a concern then you can also hire SEO services at the affordable SEO packages.

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Hasel Smith is an enthusiast writer, working as a content writer for Vipra Business. She works closely to demand and provide Blogs and Articles on services giving by Vipra Business The company basically is an IT firm and e-commerce solution company Providing SEO Services India, Mobile App Development, eCommerce Development, Web Development, and Design. She has been lucky enough to work as a reporter and writer for a Web Online Portal, which has helped her to enhance writing skill. Vipra Business is known for proving cheap SEO service and digital marketing services company to their clients.



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