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Rewarding Loyalty: How to Boost Online Sales

Whether you’ve already done the legwork and made a name for yourself as an expert in online sales or are just getting started, you need loyal customers to establish and maintain your legacy. Online customers can be fickle, often tracking the best values or the latest trends more closely than brick-and-mortar shoppers who tend to value location above most else. Convert your loyal customers into even more sales — and compounding loyalty — to get a snowball effect that can grow your shopper base exponentially over time.

Turning Name Recognition Into Online Sales

Anyone who has dabbled in search engine marketing can tell you that traffic alone isn’t enough to sell your products. Many pages became hit sensations and commercial failures as the dot-com industry went through its growing pains, and not all emerged as the next Amazon.com. If you make your company the talk of the town, remember that you still need to convert all those new shoppers. This is the first step towards gaining their loyalty and trust.

Trust is an essential component online, and you should make it a priority to ensure that every visitor who comes to your site views it as legitimate and trustworthy. This means taking simple steps to place your encryption and certification information on every sales page and avoiding common credit card security issues that can erode trust and derail even the most positive campaign results. Make your company name shine, and your customers will be glad to be associated with it. There’s a reason that mottos such as “What’s in your wallet?” are so effective; customers want to be loyal to those who show them great service in return.

The Joys of Stacking Savings and Rewards

Online shoppers are savvy shoppers. They’re always on the lookout for the best deals and your five-star feedback rating might not always be the thing that swings them your way, but what if you could stack the savings available to them with your loyalty rewards? It’s far too common for offline retail stores to choose to work their loyalty rewards independent of manufacturer coupons, rebates, and other discounts, but that’s because they’ve got the customer trapped already on site. E-commerce experts don’t have that luxury.


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Online stores have to strike while the iron is hot, as customers will bounce to competitors if they don’t feel that they’re getting all the discounts they’re due. Build loyalty by stacking discounts available to long-term shoppers, including points rewards or emailed coupons, alongside sale pricing and coupons or rebates available to the general public. Doing this will ensure that your customers think of you first when they get the coupons and cash-back offerings from manufacturers, hoping to score big with stacked savings and rewards.

Encouraging Continued Loyalty

If compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, then compound loyalty is the ninth. Customers will remember all the times you did great things for them right up until someone else delivers the same level of service, quality, and savings. Then, they’ll begin to assume it is commonplace as the bar is raised. Always raise the bar by thanking customers, rewarding them for returning, and looking to ensure continued loyalty as time passes. Consider adding affiliate or referral rewards that tie into your existing loyalty program. These shouldn’t be considered a way to raise revenue but a method to reward customers who share the word about what you have to offer.

As you continue to boost your e-commerce sales and your store grows, remember to track all of the interactions you have with customers. You’ll quickly find the return shoppers and the ones who are great word-of-mouth advertisers for your online business. Tracking software that combines campaign monitors with rewards and loyalty programs, ideally bundling them all with an email management suite, lets you customize your offerings for a custom-tailored fit. Use all the tools at your disposal to build customer loyalty, and you’ll reap the rewards of increased sales over time as your best customers become your best marketing partners.

Rewarding Loyalty: How to Boost Online Sales


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