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Unlike adults, children are primarily visual learners. Any kids’ education centers on imitating what the parents, elder siblings, teachers, and guardians do. As a parent, you should support your kid to achieve their dreams in the best way possible. In this case, if your child highly values businesses, helping them learn eCommerce at an early stage is the best thing.

While some basic life skills apply to the business world, the ever-growing and dynamic business world necessitates the importance of learning eCommerce for kids. Children should explore a plethora of business skills to increase their chances of success. The training should start early and continue through to elementary, middle school, and college. Below are good guiding resources that can help your kid learn eCommerce.

eCommerce Education Websites

Several websites provide beneficial training for kids and teens of all ages with aspirations of venturing into eCommerce. These sites have lesson plans and additional teaching resources that parents and teachers can foster kids’ learning. With flashcards, worksheets, and quizzes, you can be sure that your kids’ interest in learning eCommerce will never fade. They include;

  1. Quizlet

This is a free educational website that provides several learning tools to kids. From flashcards, game modes, and others, your kid can fast-track the learning process. It comes with up to 6 study and game modes, flashcards for reviewing your study materials, randomly generated tests, and other features that make it suitable for learning eCommerce and other topics. With compatible iPhone and Android apps, your kid can learn on the go. The only major limitation of using Quizlet is that kids can easily be distracted by ads.

  • Lesson Planet

Lesson Planet is an excellent website that stocks online educational resources in its library. The platform offers learning resources, lessons, and printable options for various tasks. Some of the eCommerce subjects beneficial for your kids include introducing electronic commerce, dot-com, and internet shopping business idea.

With the dense library of learning materials, you can easily search using specific keywords. Then, apply particular filters to search results to find eCommerce-specific resources that suit your kid’s learning grade, type, and other options.

  • Bizkids

The website is based on a kid’s show that teaches kids about business ideas and making money. In addition, the website contains several resources that help nature your kid into a future entrepreneur.

  • Bizworld

The platform has been active for more than 20 years, providing beneficial eCommerce learning resources. It also encourages young people to chase their entrepreneurial spirit through various programs, including Bizworld, bizwiz, and bizmovie.

  • TeachingKidsBusiness

Unlike other platforms, this is eCommerce centered online resource. It is a creation of Jeff Brown, an established social entrepreneur who wanted to pass his entrepreneurial skills to kids. The website provides learning tools, lessons, and games that help kids, teachers, and parents.

Games that Teach Kids Serious Business

Kids love playing games. However, you can seize this fun opportunity for learning. These games are a source of fun while teaching kids good business skills. They include;

  • Gravity – it teaches kids basic eCommerce concepts and vocabulary.
  • Bizkids games – the games include Dollar a Glass, Bring home the Bacon and Break the Bank.
  • Be Your Boss – with this game, kids choose a business they are interested in and find ways of succeeding while playing.

eCommerce Coding Fundamentals for Kids

Introducing your kid to eCommerce coding is also beneficial. This doesn’t mean that you should turn your kid into a computer scientist. These introductory lessons are eye-opening for kids to understand how various problems can be solved through coding solutions. The best learning resources include;

  • With several years of experience, the coder school can easily learn to code in a short time. In addition, the school offers customized coding courses that suit kids from different backgrounds and learning abilities.
  • MIT App Inventor – the website helps kids learn beginner-friendly coding languages and how to build mobile apps. It suits kids from grade six and above.
  • Codeacademy – the website offers hands-on coding lessons and constructive feedback on various basic coding aspects. It suits kids from grade seven and above.
  • Codeable crafts – it is a free Android app that suits kids from kindergarten to grade three. It teaches kids the basics of animation, using drawing tools, and coding blocks.

Bottom Line

Unlike before, the current generation of kids is advanced and tech-savvy. As a parent, you should leverage several options to tap their potential at an early age. Apart from the eCommerce learning resources mentioned above, you can also download various apps that complement their imaginations and inspiration with valuable lessons. The apps include virtual banks and adventure capitalist role-playing that enable kids to learn the basics of making revenue early. You can also opt for educational videos with eCommerce lessons.

Resources for Helping Kids Learn eCommerce

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