Remote Working: Find Your First Job During COVID-19
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Remote Working: Find Your First Job During COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19 last year, companies were forced to embrace massive changes in their operations. The lockdown caused thousands of people to lose their primary jobs, severely affecting their sources of income. If you’ve also lost your job or are on the verge of losing it, you might need to make some changes to your career path.

Remote work is the primary solution for companies to keep their employees busy and their business activities running. Landing a remote job isn’t massively different from finding an in-office one. The basic principles — being good at what you do, being professional in communication, having a great portfolio — are the same. However, landing a remote job requires some extras. Here are a few tips for you to effectively counter this challenge.

Consider thinking short-term

I probably won’t give this advice to anybody in normal times, but these aren’t normal times. If you lose your full-time, in-office job and can’t seem to find a replacement, you already lack a source of income to pay your bills. You can’t focus on building and following a long-term career path if you’re struggling to carry out your daily life activities due to a lack of funds.

To counter the problem, you could learn some quick skills to help you make both ends meet. Learning graphic designing and taking on small freelance projects, offering photo editing services, writing on topics you have a strong background in are some of the common ways to make some money without investing too much time learning the necessary skills.

Get yourself familiar with remote work tools.

In the remote world, employers prefer employees who know their way around the tools used for working from home. If the hiring company has to train their new employees to work effectively with online tools, they’ll lose time and resources that could have been used elsewhere. So, employers prefer hiring people who’re already well-versed in working with digital working tools.

Spend some time learning the basics of common tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams. If you know which tools, specifically, are used by the company you’re trying to join, pay more attention to these —  and also mention your familiarity with them in your portfolio.

Learn to represent yourself in a video interview

As expected, in-person interviews are a thing of the past as long as the coronavirus is around. While the basics stay the same for in-person and video interviews, building a deep connection with your interviewer is much harder during an online conference.

Before getting started, make sure your background is on point. Avoid cluttered backgrounds. Refrain from using virtual backgrounds — employers don’t want to see you in front of a baseball stadium, trust me. Dress formally from head to toe, so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself if you have to stand up during the interview.

Make sure your video camera is set up at the perfect angle. Don’t forget to smile and nod during the interview. Pay close attention to the lighting of your environment. Use your hands to showcase your comfort level with the online system.

Leave your comfort zone.

To counter the challenges posed by the industry’s alterations, you might have to step out of your comfort zone. If you’ve never worked a job other than full-time, it’s time you explore other options.

Get yourself familiar with other forms of making a living. For example, you could combine a couple of part-time jobs, utilize a combination of part-time jobs and freelancing, or anything else that could be suitable to your needs. You can even explore unusual industries or start a new business, such as a cannabis business, an industry that has kept growing rapidly recently. If you need help regarding this, you can always seek help from cannabis business consulting companies.  

Some remote job inspirations for you

The majority of companies have already figured out a way to conduct their business remotely. As a result, the number of jobs that could be done remotely, and the number of services provided remotely, have increased tremendously.

Today, remote work comprises many jobs, including project managers, software engineers, writers, graphic designers, accountants, attorneys, nurses, and many more. Note that many jobs may require you to have certain certifications. For example, to be a licensed nurse, you must pass the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam after graduating from nursing school.

Final thoughts 

Remote work is a rising trend, as well as a necessity today. To counter the financial problems that come with COVID-19, one eventually must learn to adapt to the new system. When you do adapt, the above-mentioned tips will make your job-hunting quest easier.

Remote Working: Find Your First Job During COVID-19

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