Reasons Why You Need A Corporate PowerPoint Template

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Reasons Why You Need A Corporate PowerPoint Template

Do you know how most business professionals create PowerPoint slides? They usually open an earlier PowerPoint presentation and then copy some of the slides to make a new file. They also ensure to click on the Keep Source Formatting option as it will apply the templates from the earlier files.

However, this is perhaps the biggest mistake one can make. You might, unfortunately, get some older versions of the templates, which will give an inconsistent look to the presentation. The best way to begin is to use the current templates of your company.

You can either download the PowerPoint templates in the marketing area from the corporate internet or search for “PowerPoint template.” After that, start creating your new file by using the PowerPoint templates on a blank file.

Besides, Microsoft has a wide variety of inbuilt PowerPoint templates to make it easy for you. Nonetheless, you also get the option to create your own. Also, whoever said that you could not get successful with shortcuts might not know what PowerPoint templates are! PowerPoint templates help make your PowerPoint presentation a lot more good-looking and easy. So, here are some reasons why you should start using the Corporate PowerPoint Template. But, before that, let’s know what it is all about! 

What are PowerPoint templates?

PowerPoint templates are a blueprint or pattern of a single slide or group of slides that you can save as a .potx file. Templates consist of color themes, theme effects and fonts, layouts, background styles, and content.

In simple terms, PowerPoint templates are the formatting background of your presentation. It helps to maintain formatting consistency throughout your presentation as you create slides.

The primary factor is to make sure that you have set up your template in the right manner. Unfortunately, many templates don’t have it and are known as fake templates of PowerPoint. So, the next section is about what a template is and how you can spot the fake ones.

Benefits of Using PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are the shortcut to creating a more creative, colorful, and engaging PowerPoint presentation. They are indeed the fundamental principles of your PowerPoint presentation. Besides, they are of two types- generic templates and custom templates. Whatever you use, the templates will influence everything.

What Kind Of Work Can You Use Templates For?

Generally, templates come to jumpstart your corporate presentation and create PowerPoint slides to get a more consistent appearance. Besides, they can help everyone, anywhere, and meet multiple goals.

Everyone can use templates to make the presentation highly creative, from the sales team to the executive assistants and project managers.

6 Reasons Why Every Corporate Business Should Need A Template

  • Maintain Consistency

We all have heard the proverb that “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Isn’t it? Similarly, when you assess the number of people in the same corporate business who may get the notification of building a PowerPoint presentation in a year, you would get inconsistent presentations. 

However, if everyone uses a corporate template, their presentation would offer a professional look and deliver a consistent message.  

Maintaining consistency is one of those points that the majority of the presentation professionals around the world would approve of. Using PowerPoint templates helps to ensure that your presentation is consistent in layout, font, style, and color.

  • Time Efficiency 

Are you in a hurry to build your PowerPoint presentation? Or, do you need to save time? PowerPoint templates are, in fact, best when it comes to saving time on presentations.

A PowerPoint template can contain the following:

    • A definite Master slide
    • Color scheme
    • Formatted Slide Layouts
    • Fonts
    • Branding and Logos

It is no wonder how it can save time for every template user. Since they are pre-designed, each piece of text is neatly laid out for its use. So whether it’s the quote, image, or bar chart, you can find the design there. Next, you need to type in the text, add your data, or insert the right image.

  • Brand Compliance

Many corporate businesses make huge expenses and spend time getting their branding guidelines together. It helps to deliver a consistent message and is easily recognizable.

Typically, a branding guideline has a name, logo, tagline, and design. All these can be incorporated into the PowerPoint SWOT template for brand compliance. Moreover, a PowerPoint template holds a higher position in the corporate world than the logo, website, or letterhead. Remember, branding is extremely vital, especially in today’s world. An organization develops a brand that can resonate well with the employees, stakeholders, and, most importantly, customers.

By taking the help of the current template, the user ensures that they are showing the new brand story in the PowerPoint slides. If you want to make the slides more brand-compliant, apply the font and the color from the template to the Excel file. PowerPoint presentation is a powerful tool for communicating within or outside the business. So, your brand must remain the talk of the town. 

  • Makes The Formatting Process A Lot Easier

There is no denying that formatting a business presentation consumes a lot of time and effort. Thus, it sometimes becomes frustrating to even complete half of it.

With corporate PowerPoint templates, it gets very easy to format. Some professionals can even look at the PowerPoint slide and check what they need to format. However, some people do not have the creative skill or knack required to perfectly position, align and size the slides.

This is exactly how PowerPoint SWOT templates serve the purpose. They do all your work and set several options of formatted slide layouts. Your job is to choose the best one that goes well with your work. Yes, you can get a sigh of relief from the non-design-oriented teams. With a PowerPoint template, you could feel the process of formatting the slides extremely manageable.

  • Easy to Combine PowerPoint Slides

The Microsoft PowerPoint templates will be easier to incorporate slides from various files. However, when you consider taking slides from others and combining them into a single PowerPoint presentation, you know the real struggle. In such a case, it won’t be easy to maintain a consistent look if every individual uses different template versions. 

Nonetheless, using the current template can help you combine slides into a file very easily. 

  • No Change In Logo On Different Slides

The corporate business logo is the most vital aspect of the brand. Using the current PowerPoint template, the logo will appear in the exact color and aspect ratio. In addition, it will be placed in the right position on your slide. Beginning with the slides from the last presentation has the risk of possessing an out-of-date logo. Others may modify it or leap between spots on the different PowerPoint slides.

How To Select The Correct PowerPoint Template?

First, you need to know your topic well and brainstorm the steps to put them into the PowerPoint slides. Then, to make the process a little bit easier, take a page and sketch out a few layouts of the slide to get an idea of how you want the design to be overall. 

We recommend you brainstorm the look and feel of the presentation you aspire to create. This includes background, color, and fonts. Most importantly, it would be best if you considered the following things-

  • Whether the PowerPoint templates are built in the Slide Master or not
  • Does the template use the correct theme elements such as color, fonts, etc.?
  • Does the template consist of suitable titles, images, content sections, and mixed media for your slides?
  • Are the theme, branding, and content consistent with your company’s branding?

Whether you select the pre-designed templates or create your own, you would want to set up the template’s theme in accordance with your company’s theme color and fonts. So, learn about it and get the work going.

How to Easily Customize Templates?

Though pre-designed templates are easy to use, there is a probability that you might not like what you are getting. That means you need to customize it to get exactly what you want.

So, for customization, start by modifying the template theme like colors and fonts by tapping into the Design Tab. 

Next, make changes to the Parent Layout for them to reflect in the Child Layout.

Final Thought

A PowerPoint SWOT template is a set of pre-designed guidelines that help to align your slides. It is simply where all the texts, images, and charts should be on each slide.

In addition, templates include a PowerPoint theme and set the Slide Master. If you can understand this and get command over it, you can quickly finish off your work more than most the users of PowerPoint.

Reasons Why You Need A Corporate PowerPoint Template