Reasons Why SEO Is A Must for Your Business

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With the increased ownership of smartphones and increased internet access in the USA, businesses cannot ignore the importance of being visible online. I mean, who isn’t searching for information online these days? Over 80% of American adults search for products and services on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines and only visit physical shops to pick products they already identified online. For your business to be visible to shoppers within your locality, therefore, you need to have a reliable local SEO strategy in place.

Strategist for local SEO will make your business shine and outpace your competitors. But how exactly will this happen? This post answers your question by looking at 5 Reasons why SEO is a must for your business.

1. Searchers include their location in the keyword phrases they search online

Google wants to provide the best and most relevant search results for its searchers and, in most cases, try to filter search results according to an individual searcher’s GPS location. In that case, your business website stands a faint chance of being ranked on the search results, the same faint chance your direct competitor stands. How, then, do you improve that faint chance so that you can outdo the local competition? 

It is only by optimizing your content for local SEO through localized keyword phrases. For example, A New Jersey-based searcher looking for a mountain bike online is more likely to input the keyword “mountain bikes in New Jersey” than just searching for “mountain bikes.” Therefore, if you are selling bikes, adding “New Jersey” to both your static and visual content puts your site in a better position of being noticed by such a searcher.

2. Leveraging local inbound links

Inbound links from other websites are more like an endorsement from that other website to your website, telling Google and other search engines that the content you offer is reliable and helpful to searchers. Narrowing down to your local business, you need as many inbound links from authority websites also from your local place for you to earn Google’s trust. This is the trust that will then earn your site a good ranking. 

There are only two ways of acquiring inbound links: collaborating with other relevant local businesses to promote each other’s content online or paying for promotions and social influencing. The former is more potent than the latter. You direct your online visitors to another website with relevant information that they could be searching for, and then the other site will replicate your gesture. These new visitors can end up becoming your loyal customers, something that was made possible by local SEO.

3. You need to optimize for mobile

If you hire the services of an experienced, reliable SEO Company, the company will optimize your website for mobile. This is one way that such companies impress Google because, as it has turned out to be, Google ranks sites according to how well they have optimized their mobile content. But that’s beside the point in this case. The main catch here is that when your SEO Company optimizes your mobile site, mobile visitors can navigate the site with ease, making them want to further engage with your products and services. If a searcher doesn’t have to zoom in, swipe sideways, or squint to see what your site has to offer, then the probability of that searcher purchasing from you increases exponentially.

4. Leveraging the power of social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks are taking over the marketing industry. If your business isn’t visible on social media, the chances are that it will not be visible anywhere else, online or offline. An SEO company can help you with your social media strategies for your local audience. Its specialists can, for example, tell you which content to post on social media, when to post it, and which platform will embrace that content more. When formulating your social media campaign strategies, the SEO company will tell you which tools to use and how best to appeal to users’ emotions and needs. 

5. You need help branding your business

How do your residents see your business? As much as you could have everything figured out on your own, you may not have all the necessary statistics to help you in brand building. To understand your target audience and brand your business in a way that will appeal to that audience, you need the help of an SEO company. 

Reasons Why SEO Is A Must for Your Business

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