Ranking Factors that Influence Amazon SEO

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Ranking Factors that Influence Amazon SEO

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world. You can not doubt the sheer magnitude of the business that this site generates, as most people know about Amazon these days. People from all walks of life have bought or sold something on Amazon. The company is massive, and many people are keen to invest in amzn stock too.

However, this being an e-commerce site, all products must be listed with SEO in mind. The SEO that Amazon follows is distinctly different from the one we are familiar with when using Google, and we shall discuss the same in this article.

Let us look into what are the ranking factors that influence Amazon.

  • The primary thing to understand in Amazon SEO is that this is not a generic search engine page. Amazon is a marketplace, and you, as a seller, have to compete with several others. To make sales and earn profits, you will have to make your products appear on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the relevant keywords. With this knowledge, we now go deeper and find out how good rankings are possible in Amazon.
  • The search algorithm that powers Amazon is known as A9, after the company that manages the SEO. A9 is a subsidiary of Amazon. The target for Amazon is to make the bottom line more comfortable, to make sales as much as possible. The searching pattern is distinctly different in the case of Amazon from other search engines. In search engines, people try to find information on vast topics. Amazon, on the other hand, looks only into transactional searches. This difference changes the whole game. The algorithm depends on two things mainly. Relevance and Performance are the most vital parameters on which Amazon SEO runs.


The proper strategy with the usage of relevant keywords can put your products on top of SERPs. However, you will need to keep the following in mind to achieve it.

  • The product title gets the highest weightage, and you will have to be very careful with it. The most relevant keywords should be present in the title. The product name should contain your brand name and a lucid description of the purpose of the product. Also, include the color and size of the product and the available quantity. Please remember not to keyword stuff the title; else, you will beat the purpose. Keyword stuffing results in poor SEO because the text doesn’t look natural. In addition, people won’t feel inclined to click on your product, and the click-through rate would be affected by keyword stuffing.
  • Seller name is vital. It has been noted that sellers who use the relevant keywords in their names rank higher.
  • Next, there are the backend keywords. These keywords are hidden from the customers and are used in the seller’s backend section. These can be compared to Metatags of generic SEO. These tell Amazon about a specific product listing that is targetting focussed keywords. You need to adhere to the rules of these keywords, and they will work for you like magic. The character limit is 50. Don’t repeat words, as this will reduce your limit. Avoid using too many variations of a word. Don’t use using punctuation as much as possible. You may use some alternate spellings or synonyms.
  • You must judiciously use the brand field and write excellent product descriptions. Proper brand names help in better results. Also, use bullet points in descriptions as they make reading easier.


  • The performance-related factors include pricing. In short, you need to price your products in tune with similar items. If your price is way off the standard, your ranking will suffer.
  • Your conversion rate is also a vital factor in your product ranking. Though it is tough to do much regarding this, following SEO best practices can help.
  • Ensure that you use high-quality product images. The visual factor is vital to getting good sales and affects your ranking.
  • Last but not least, Amazon reviews dictate your ranking. Good reviews from verified customers help in improving CTR and ranking. However, fake reviews are recently being monitored by Amazon so avoid using those for your products.

We conclude that the SEO for Amazon is different from generic SEO. If you can focus on the points mentioned in the article, your products will rank high on the Amazon product pages.

Ranking Factors that Influence Amazon SEO