Quick eSelling Review – Is it the Best ‘Free’ eCommerce Store Builder?
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Quick eSelling Review – Is it the Best ‘Free’ eCommerce Store Builder?

The global eCommerce market was valued at $9.09 trillion in 2019. That is more than the combined nominal GDP of Korea, Canada, Italy, and France. The same market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 14% by 2027. What this means is that an already colossal market will grow at a tremendous pace for seven years! Such fascinating growth is possible only when the underlying dynamics between the suppliers, sellers, and buyers are correctly aligned.

To the surprise of most of us, Quick eSelling promises to offer one of the best free eCommerce store builders in the market. To understand that promise’s grounds, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the emerging free eCommerce platform. Fasten your seatbelts. Here’s what we discovered!

Quick eSelling: The Founding Story

Quick eSelling was launched in 2015 to democratize eCommerce by offering a turnkey platform loaded with features and access to everyday merchants who did not directly access sophisticated technology. The forum promised to provide these merchants their online stores instead of depending on third-party platforms, and when Quick eSelling was able to offer all of its plans at market-changing prices – it unraveled a need a large part of the market had missed.

In just five years of operations, the platform has expanded its reach to over 25,000 merchants globally and has processed over 15 million transactions this far.

Quick eSelling: What Features make it the Best Free Ecommerce Platform?

Before we delve into what are the features available in the free plan, we started focusing on the key elements that differentiate the entire platform from its alternatives:

  1. Outstanding Store Design with Comprehensive Product Pages: The front-end store display is intuitively designed to make navigation as easy as humanly possible. On top of that, you will observe that faceted search and multi-level filtering help you manage your SKUs efficiently while ensuring the customers have a great experience on the platform.

The product inner pages carry all the features you would seek from a leading eCommerce website building platform – product variants, images with zooming features, social media buttons for easy sharing, Zip Code checker, and product descriptions & reviews for higher conversions.

  1. Fascinating and Innovative Marketing Features: Features like voice search, social media integrations, and wish lists are well-integrated. The platform offers quite noteworthy marketing features like deep linking, real-time suggestions based on customer browsing & purchase history, price-drop and back-in-stock alerts, and easy-to-add push notifications. It also offers QR codes and barcode scanners to help bring offline leads to online traffic. One of the most innovative features is the ad scanner – it redirects your audience when they scan the ad in a printed format.
  2. Streamlined Backend Integrations: Quick eSelling helps you take control of all the outbound campaigns, marketing performance, design, and analytics for both the desktop and mobile app stores – using a single CRM platform. That cuts down most of the operational redundancies and helps you get an accessible yet comprehensive picture of your entire eCommerce website.

Alongside these features, Quick eSelling integrates flawlessly with nine payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, Razorpay, PayU money, and several others and eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon Flipkart and eBay and ERP systems like Quickbooks, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics.

How is Quick eSelling Better Than Other Free Ecommerce Store Builders?

Technically, when you say free platforms, you will have to exclude the ‘free trials’ since they come with a time-bound offer. However, quick eSelling’s free plan augments what can be achieved with an online store.

Even with those constraints in place, here is what Quick eSelling offers that makes it the best free eCommerce store builder:

  1. It Helps You Build Online and Mobile Presence – At No Extra Cost. Projections show that over 9% of all retail eCommerce transactions will be via mCommerce channels by 2021. And Quick eSelling helps you seize it with a free online store as well as a free native Android app. This helps you bring mobile traffic into the periphery of your online store and enables you to take advantage of a large market segment growth.
  2. Quick eSelling lets you have a Portfolio of 1000 Products.

In context, smaller businesses that are just starting are recommended not to start with more than 50 SKUs or 100 products when they are launching their online operations. By that logic, Quick eSelling allows its merchants to run a product portfolio nearly 10x the size of an average new online store. Most other free platforms offer only a fraction of that proper product portfolio size, especially free plans.

  1. Fully Hosted and Managed Solution.

Dedicated hosting can cost an eCommerce business anywhere between $80 – $730 per month. This can be a major drag on operational and financial performance for smaller merchants who are just starting with their online business. Quick eSelling eliminates the need for incurring these costs by offering a fully hosted and managed solution.

In essence, you will be managing the non-technical side of the business, while the Quick eSelling eCommerce store builder takes care of the entire hosting side, focusing on security and uptime. You will also be saved from incurring additional costs for setting up the website infrastructure, which tends to include a significant percentage of sunk costs as your initial sales may not match the costs you have already incurred for a considerable time. Quick eSelling saves you from all of these costs.

  1. Customizable Frontend.

When you look at the initial front-end provided by Quick eSelling, you may wonder why someone would want to change it! But, in case you have an established brand identity in your segment, you can easily bring it to your online store with available customizations. Eventually, when you scale your business, Quick eSelling will help you develop your website’s themes with a dedicated in-house team. This is considered another overhead for Shopify and other similar platforms since you have to hire a third-party expert or buy expensive themes.

  1. Comprehensive Support Available via Chat, Mail, and Phone.

Many free eCommerce building platforms would not give you comprehensive support since you are still not a ‘revenue-generating customer for them. You will get a ton of guides and even third-party videos to help you understand the platform. But that is it.

Quick eSelling takes a different approach and helps you navigate the entire course of establishing your online store. Even with the free plan, the team is available on chat, phone, and email to help you take care of all the queries, no matter how trivial or technical they may seem. It’s almost like – you are starting on a new journey, and Quick eSelling is sitting right beside you to help you make the right turns!

Free eCommerce Store Builder

Free eCommerce Store Builder

How to Start a Free Ecommerce Store with Quick eSelling?

If you have your product portfolio ready, you can start with your online store next to no time and for no extra cost. The quick eSelling team has published a comprehensive guide to give you a step-by-step approach to build an online store. Here is how it works out:

  1. Visit the sign-up page. Please create your account, add your email ID, and confirm it.
  2. Once you have confirmed your email ID, you will receive the link to your account. Go to the dashboard and select ‘Setup Store’ and ‘Setup App.’
  3. As soon as you click on the store preview, you will be taken to the suggested themes for your industry. You can start by adding logos, your products, and banners.
  4. You can add bulk products and content pages at your peril.

That’s it. Your online store is running. Since running the store is a continual process, you will keep optimizing it. But for now, the world is your oyster, and you have just used the best free eCommerce platform.

In Conclusion

Starting your online business can be an overwhelming experience, especially when considering the varied nature and scale of expenses one must incur for just establishing the online presence. Quick eSelling takes away all of that weight from your shoulders by providing you no-cost and a no-risk-free plan with more than enough capabilities and features to help you quickly establish your store and scale it to the heights you seek. We strongly recommend the Quick eSelling eCommerce platform to all the merchants seeking an online platform or migrating to a new one!

Quick eSelling Review – Is it the Best ‘Free’ eCommerce Store Builder?

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