Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Magento Developer
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Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Magento Developer

The Ecommerce platform of Magento and the development of a Magento eCommerce store is not a child’s play. There are many complexities involved in the development of a Magento eCommerce store. Similarly, there are many factors to consider and questions to ask before zeroing in on a Magento developer to build your eCommerce store. So, if you want to come out with a flawless and a truly high-performance eCommerce store, then here is a detailed below on what to ask before you hire a Magento developer for your online store.

Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Magento Developer

Are You A Freelancer Or A Company?

Before hiring any Magento developer for your eCommerce store, the above-mentioned question is something that you need to be clear about in your head. It would be best if you were clear whether you want your online store to be built by a freelancer or company or organization. You need to choose between a full-time Ecommerce Company and a “One Man Army.” Understand that a big team is always good, but there are certain advantages to hiring a freelancer. You should take this critical decision concerning the size of your project as well as your budget. 

What Is The Amount Of Experience You Have? 

Ask this question without blinking your eye. The experience of the Magento developer is another factor of prime importance. And the experience surely has to be in the field of Magento store development in the E-commerce industry. Try and gauge the developer’s expertise from the amount of experience he or she holds in Magento web development. Try to understand the development methodology of the Company or freelancer from experience. Use this statistic of experience if you are confused between two identical Magento development firms or freelancers and thereby get to hire a qualified Magento developer.   

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How Many Magento Developers Do You Have? 

Again, this question is one of the most important ones as the completion and quality of your store’s development depend heavily on the number of developers working on it. Hence when you hire any Magento developing Company, consider the number of developers that they have in-house. Or, if you are opting for freelancers, make sure that they are Magento Certified. Eliminate fake organizations and individuals. In short, make sure that the Magento Developer Company you are eyeing has enough experienced Magento web developers who can handle and complete the development of your store on-time. 

Who Will Do The Coding? 

Ensure that the only person writing code for your eCommerce store is a Magento Certified Developer. Don’t allow the development company you have hired to let any interns do the coding for your Magento-based online store. Many companies do this as this is cost-effective for them, but can damage the quality quotient as far as the coding for your eCommerce site is concerned. The code quality during your Magento store’s development should be of utmost importance for you and hence always go through a Company or freelancer’s coding standards before you hire. 

What If Any Emergency Arises? 

As far as Magento development and the world of eCommerce is concerned, there are numerous possibilities of many different types of emergencies arising. There may be times when your store crashes or goes down. In such times, your chosen Magento web developer should come to the forefront and help you out of the situation. He or she should be competent enough to handle the situation effectively and also immediately. He or she should be easily approachable and available during such a crisis. 

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What If I Want To Try You Out First? 

This is a great way of determining the Magento web developer’s capability and skill before you do the hiring. Ask the Company or the freelancer if you can try them out first by assigning them a small Magento development task. If they are okay with it, you can test them out and then make your final decision regarding whether to hire them or not. If they complete your given small task as per your requirements, you can hire them; and if not, you can pay them for that work and walk away without burning the bridges!!   

Author Bio: Ryan is a Magento Web Developer, eCommerce Business Analyst, and a Technical Blogger. He is working with a leading Web Development Company in Auckland for the last few years. He regularly shares articles about Magento and how to hire a qualified Magento developer for building your Ecommerce Store.

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