Providing Cannabis to Vets

Veterans Cannabis Coalition and DAV Ch.12 Partner with Haven to Provide Cannabis to Vets

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 11, 2021 / PRNewswire/ — On Saturday, Nov. 13, Haven partnered with Disabled American Veterans Ch. 12, Veterans Cannabis Coalition, and LA NORML to kick off a Veterans Compassion Network at their San Bernardino location.

They will be hosting their first-ever “Veteran Hour” from 8 am-10 am, allowing participating members to come in during a dedicated time to provide them the attention and cannabis education the veteran community deserves. The members will also be awarded free doctors’ recommendations in conjunction with Haze.

This compassion program utilizes California SB-34 cannabis donations to provide medical cannabis to veterans needing treatment. The compassion program will help address the growing crisis of suicide and overdose death amongst veterans while also delivering the necessary alternative medicine required to tackle the issue of PTSD and chronic pain management.

Additionally, this Veteran Compassion Network is designed to provide cannabis education to its members and allow them access to the vast assortment of cannabis products that they may not have been able to use for treatment otherwise. Haven has always emphasized cannabis education and takes great pride in teaching all of its members and customers about the many benefits of cannabis.

“It was important for Haven to do something impactful for those who have served our great country on Veterans Day weekend,” says Mike Cuccia. “The General Manager of our San Bernardino store, Nick, is a veteran himself and is a great representation of how cannabis and our veteran community are such a valuable partnership.  We are ecstatic to be able to support our vets every month moving forward and make sure that they have continued access to the cannabis education and products that they need.”

While this is the first Veteran Hour and is being held in honor of Veteran’s Day, Haven believes that our veterans deserve access to this program year-round and is committed to running this Compassion Program monthly to continue supporting our veterans and also increase its member count to allow for as many veterans to gain access to cannabis as possible.

The compassion program has turned cannabis donations into an art form. If you’re looking for more educational information or what strains best suit your needs, visit

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Cannabis to Vets
Haven partnered with Disabled American Veterans Ch. 12, Veterans Cannabis Coalition, and LA NORML to kick off a Veterans Compassion Network at their San Bernardino location.

Providing Cannabis to Vets

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