Proven Ways To Stay Focused That Increase Productivity

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One of the greatest hurdles that employees grapple with is finding ways to remain focused when tons of other things are vying for their attention. Some of the factors that lead to the loss of focus include distractions, troublesome co-workers, unhealthy work/life balance, time-wasting habits, and more. Such factors can significantly reduce your productivity. Here 8 proven ways to stay more focused at work that can improve your productivity.

Keep Your Workstation Clean and Organized

Things that are in front of us or adjacent to us have a major impact on our brains. If your work desk looks disorganized and unclean, that’s precisely what you’d be feeling the whole day – unfocused and confused. So, please get rid of all clutter on your workstation and keep it clean all the time. That way, you’ll retain your focus and increase your productivity.

Develop an Hourly Work Plan

Without a good plan, you’ll lose focus easily. That’s why it’s advisable to schedule your activities or tasks on an hourly basis. This exercise makes your workday well organized. You’ll always know what tasks to perform when and the amount of workload that must be completed by the end of the day.  An hourly plan also enables you to prioritize your tasks. For instance, you can plan your day such that urgent and effort-intensive tasks are completed during the morning hours when you’re highly productive.

Take Scheduled Breaks

Taking a break when you have a huge workload waiting for you might sound counterproductive, but it actually enhances your concentration. Taking scheduled breaks during highly demanding tasks enables you to keep a steady level of performance. Aim to take a break of at least 10 minutes after every two hours of working.

Set Strict Deadlines and Adhere to them

If you want to beat procrastination, then you should set firm deadlines and work towards meeting them. Ensure the deadlines are realistic and adequately spaced out. Your focus and productivity are likely to increase when you have strict deadlines and strategies for meeting them in place.

Eliminate Distractions

The average working person gets distracted about 50 to 60 times every day, and a large percentage of these distractions are unnecessary. On top of lowering your productivity, distractions can also leave you more stressed and with little or no control over your work. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to get rid of distractions. Start by switching off your phone or activating the airplane mode, muting email notifications, and closing all unnecessary web browsers on your computer. If you’re working in a noisy environment, you should install soundproofing materials to keep out the noise.

Find Meaning in Your Work and Love It

If you want to improve your focus and take your productivity a notch higher, you must enjoy what you do. And you can only enjoy your work if you know its significance. So, find that one unique reason that makes your work important. Money is definitely a motivating factor, but there must be a reason that keeps you going to work every day. Maybe you want to acquire a sense of achievement. Or perhaps you want to make a difference in the world.

Celebrate Your Small Wins

Celebrating your achievements every once in a while keeps you motivated and focused. Keep an eye on small wins and triumphs and reward yourself. You don’t have to reward yourself with something that’ll cost you all your savings. Just keep it simple and inexpensive. For instance, you can reward yourself with your favorite meal after completing a big task.

Exercise Regularly

We all know working out helps us gain a perfect body and stay in shape, but it also positively impacts our brains. Exercising regularly has been proven to be a reliable way to enhance our attentiveness, heighten our learning potential, and improve our memory. It also boosts our mood and alleviates feelings of anxiety and stress.

Final Thoughts

Productivity doesn’t just happen. It requires careful planning, coupled with an uninterrupted flow of focus and motivation. This article has shared 8 tips to help you remain focused and productive. Select the tips that work for you and put them into practice. With time, you’ll see a positive effect on your focus and productivity.

Proven Ways To Stay Focused That Increase Productivity

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