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Proven eCommerce Tips that Every Online Business Should Know

Organic traffic is one of the biggest dreams for most businesses. Obtaining them may not be that simple, still, they can be achieved through some of the proven steps.

Especially when it comes to conversions, these tips will avoid you from spending more money on advertisements.

But all these could be possible only when you have strong SEO techniques on your side. And that is the urge of this post. I have come up with a couple of proven eCommerce techniques that can help your online business to obtain more sale conversions ever.

Let’s Get Started!!!

The following are some of the proven techniques that you need to concentrate on to improve your online business.

For your convenience, I have categorized the areas you need to concentrate, and the categories will point out the changes.

#Site structure

Site structure is one of the most important thing that grabs the user’s attention. You need to be very careful about maintaining a good site structure.

  • HTTPS:

The most important thing that every customer care about when he/she visit the website. And especially it is not exceptional for eCommerce websites. In that case, EV SSL Certificate plays a better role in website security and builds trust among online customers.

  • Speed:

Your customers will never compromise when it comes to speed of website loading. So it is really necessary to concentrate on the speed of your website. Make sure website speed should be loaded within 3 seconds.

  • Include Alt Tags for Images:

When it comes to bots, it doesn’t consider images and so alt-tags help bots to include them in their crawling. Alt tags for images help bots to understand what images describe on the website and also it helps to get rank in visual search.

  • URL Structure:

Make sure that your URL structure is user-friendly and that they meet Google’s requirements. The wrong URL structure can lead to indexing issues and poor user experience.

  • Optimize title tags:

Title tags are attention grabbers. Try to optimize them up to 60-70 characters and it is really essential to include targeted keywords in them.

  • Sitemap:

Create an XML sitemap for your eCommerce website. It helps Google to understand the roadmap of your website and important pages.

  • Use internal linking:

Include internal links for relevant products which indeed help increases sales and improves your site structure.

  • Add a call to action:

Call to action is the most effective way of helping your audience to direct into the check out page. Try adding a relevant call to action at required areas of the content or the page.

  • Mobile-Optimized:

Mobile optimization is the most important thing that every website owner should concentrate. A recent analysis says 80% of online shopping is through mobile internet. Optimizing your website for mobile version could help you lot more in increasing your website traffic.

#Content Creation

We all are aware of the content creation process and it is obvious content is the king. So, focusing more on content can improve traffic.

  • Add phrases that include “Free shipping”, “On Sale” and “Discount” to maximize Click through rate.
  • Make sure to include a minimum of 1000 word content involving 3-4 keywords.
  • Try to include power words that increase traffic and sales. The most important thing is, let your product description be more compelling.
  • Write blog posts to increase interaction with your product page.
  • Try to add more internal links to your blog.
  • Make use of the seasonal trends to add more value to your blog content.
  • To rank in organic terms try to add long-form blog posts.
  • Making use of video content makes it more interactive and especially demo content could make more sense.
  • Product reviews are the essential form of content and comparing it with your competitor’s product could make it more meaningful and helps you to improve your value.

#Brand Awareness

Branding is the beautiful way of reaching your audience and you need to be an expert at it. If you are neglecting it then you are going to miss the major part of your business revenue.

  • Social proof plays a better role when compared to a personal recommendation. You can make use of this strategy in your business to see a drastic outcome.
  • Paid search is really effective as they can bring in more purchases with branding awareness.
  • Google considers links and content are the essential forms of improving organic ranking. It would be great if you could generate more content and spread it across social platforms.
  • You can let your buyers or customers drop in reviews on a purchase of your product which automatically increases the content on your product page. User-generated content always helps to drive more conversions.
  • Try to have consistent branding. It can help you to increase your CTR which obviously increases your SEO ranking.
  • You can even kick start with an affiliate program to get bloggers to write on your products and get them promoted on your site.
  • Grab the chance of broken link technique to drive in more links easily and instantly.
  • Sponsor local events and get links from high authority sites for better branding.

Tools that help you:

Tools can help you in several ways and they make your work much lighter and better than you may concentrate on various other parts of your business. Here are a few essential tools that help you to make your efforts simple.

  • Make use of Google shopping as the platform has a higher conversion rate.
  • Implement keyword research periodically as keywords and trends change very often and it is essential to make a periodic analysis.
  • You can enable internal site analysis to obtain keyword data to understand what your visitors are looking for.
  • Target harder on the keywords that you are already ranking for.
  • In order to increase site speed and scanning, setup eCommerce tracking analytics.
  • Find high-intent and purchase based keywords by using Google Keyword Planner.
  • Research on the competitor’s website to see how they get valuable backlinks.

Wrap up

If you have been trying to improve your eCommerce standard or to increase your sale conversions and never been successful then you should definitely try these proven techniques.

If you find these techniques informative and helpful then find time to drop in a comment. I’ll be happy to read about your success note.

Proven eCommerce Tips that Every Online Business Should Know

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