Pros and Cons of Personalized Learning

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Now you do not have to follow the cookie-cutter methods of learning, having no interest in them.  If you want to do something out of the box, think innovatively, and learn new skills, then personalized learning is the go-to option for you.

Personalized learning is a customized method that includes educating each student based on their interests, requirements, skills, and potentials. Personalized learning does not substitute a 504 plan, intervention programs, or an IEP but provides students with an opportunity to learn what they want and what they are best at.

Like all other learning methods, personalized education has its own advantages and disadvantages that we will summarize.

Pros of Personalised Learning

Being one of the most advanced and effective learning approaches, personalized learning benefits certainly outweigh its advantages. Let’s break them down for a vivid understanding:

Ownership of Student’s Learning

In personalized learning, students decide what they want to study and what suits them the best. Teachers providing their student’s opportunity to learn their field of interest keeps them motivated to study. Also, studies have shown that personalized learning helps pupils communicate and collaborate with other groups and peers that help them shape their future goals and gives them a purpose to be productive.

Helpful in Breaking Stereotypes

PL is beneficial for both categories of the students, the ones with a slow learning pace and the overachievers. If you have a coincidence of watching “The Big Bang Theory,” you’d probably understand how tough it can be for geniuses to adjust to the mainstream learning methods and forums. On the contrary, Personalised learning help students with some learning disability to get education on their subjects of interest at their own pace.

Emotional and Physical Support

The human mind works in mysterious ways; the methods working for you can be absurd for others and vice versa. With the help of personalized learning, pupils can now demonstrate their mastery of knowledge without following the conventional learning tactics that provide them with a sense of belongingness, physical and emotional support.

More Choices, More Possibilities

Learning style, learning material, the field of learning, you name it, personalized learning can enormously boost students’ learning stamina and potential since they have more choices and fun. Both teachers and students enjoy collaborating and exploring new stuff that is quite productive, of course.

Cons of Personalised Learning

Although, personalized education has tremendous and still unexplored benefits for both teachers and students. Still, some aspects make it a burdening method, such as teachers having to adjust their pace, do a lot of preparation, and learn to understand each student’s needs and entertain them appropriately. The process is time-consuming and doesn’t promise promising results if the journey isn’t carried out accurately or the student loses interest or keeps beating around the bush.

Personalized learning is the future, don’t stop yourself from growing. Keep growing, keep learning!

Pros and Cons of Personalized Learning

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